I always feel more accomplished when I leave my room, even if it’s for something as simple as studying. While the library is a great option, I tend to work better with a bit of background chatter. Last year, I found myself doing my work at coffee shops around the Uptown area. I always discovered that the boring tasks were more fun when I had a cup of coffee and a different atmosphere around me. But when COVID hit, I worried that my little escape wouldn’t be safe. However, I’ve realized there are many places to study off campus that accommodate for the pandemic. And with the weather finally getting nicer, sitting outside is way more enjoyable! Here is a list of my favorite coffee shops to study at that are COVID safe: 

  1. Mojo Coffee House

If you walk down Freret Street for a couple of minutes, you’ll find Mojo Coffee House. This coffee shop has outdoor seating and a cute atmosphere with a nice selection of coffees and teas. 

  1. Rue De La Course 

If you walk straight to Oak Street you will hit my personal favorite place to study, Rue De La Course. The atmosphere is different from most small coffee shops as the building was formerly a bank. This place has an upstairs to offer more seating, and although the outside seating is limited, the spaced out seating makes you feel comfortable sitting inside this large building. Also, make sure to try the delicious food and drinks! I personally love the gluten free chocolate cake. 

  1. French Truck Coffee 

Another coffee shop with a cute (and safe) atmosphere is French Truck Coffee. There are multiple locations, but the closest to campus is about a 10 minute drive away. I loved the coffee I got here and the yellow and blue walls are a nice change of scenery. 

  1. New Orleans Coffee & Beignet Co.

This place is right across the St. Charles streetcar line, making it so easy to get there. The place has cute motivational art around it and sells both coffee and beignets. This is a great option if you love beignets and want to treat yourself after a long day of studying. 

  1. Orleans Coffee 

This coffee shop is closer to Magazine Street, so I would definitely recommend driving, Ubering, or taking the streetcar. This shop only has outdoor seating with nice colorful benches. I liked being farther from campus because it made studying feel more like an activity than a burden. Also, the barista took her time to make my drink look and taste delicious! She even added a little design to top it all off. 

Natalie Askowitz
  1. CR Coffee Shop 

This coffee shop is on Magazine Street and also only has outdoor seating. I thought the outside area was charming with the use of twinkle lights all over the side patio. Also, being on Magazine is perfect if you decide to grab a bite to eat!

  1. Starbucks/PJs on Maple 

So, these are not hidden gems, but they’re popular for a good reason. Maple Street is only a short walk off campus and houses both Starbucks and PJ’s Coffee. If you’re ready for a break from the four PJ’s on campus, try walking down to Maple and having a sip of Starbucks. The best part of having two coffee shops next to each other is that you can always walk across the street to the other if there isn’t enough seating. Both PJ’s and Starbucks have indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor seating is spaced out to maintain social distancing. 

  1. Starbucks on Freret 

Here is another Starbucks, but in the opposite direction. I love the outside seating at this Starbucks. Especially with the nice weather coming, it is so nice to sit outside and watch the cars drive by. Also, being on the edge of Freret opens up many food options to walk over to for a quick lunch break!

Cover photo: Visit New Orleans

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