Do you ever miss the fun of jumping on a trampoline that you had as a kid? Well now you can revisit this memory while also burning calories and sculpting your muscles; what better way to get your workout in than having fun bouncing around? Bounce, a new class at Romney Studios, is a cardio and sculpt intensive class that is based on a trampoline. This class takes place at the new Romney studio called MVMT, located at 1320 Magazine Street.

Unlike the trampolines of your past that rocketed you into the air, these trampolines are designed to emphasize the down bounce and use cables rather than springs. The 50-minute class begins with a quick warm up before the workout. During each song, the instructor leads the class through high knees, double bounce, back and forth bounce and other moves that will increase your heart rate. The movements change frequently, so you won’t get tired of a particular movement.

After four sections of bouncing on trampolines with a variety of choreographed moves, your sweat will be dripping and your endorphins pumping. In addition to the bouncing on the trampoline portion of class, the instructor also leads you through arm and leg sculpting which adds difficulty to the workout.

Bounce is more than an incredibly fun and energizing experience; benefits of this class include, “improved digestion, improved muscle tone, boosts lymphatic drainage, twice as effective as running and increased fat loss.”

Bounce is open to anyone and everyone. From beginners to the advanced, the class accommodates everyone’s fitness level. The more people go to the class, the more comfortable they become with the trampolines and the exercise patterns. Instructors also give the option to increase the intensity by adding weights, which can help personalize the class to everyone’s individual skill level.

Although Bounce is new, it has become one of the most popular classes at Romney and is almost always sold out. The class is usually on the schedule once or twice a day and can be booked on the Romney website. We definitely recommend to a friend 🙂

Cover Photo: Lily Gravitz

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