Over winter break, I did something I haven’t done in several years. I picked up a book for no reason and read it from start to finish. I just had a craving to get far away from Instagram and read a story, so on my mom’s recommendation I read “Daisy Jones and The Six” by Taylor Jenkins.

The book is written in an interview-type style reminiscent of “The Office”, starting in late 60’s/early 70’s Los Angeles. We meet Daisy, a beautiful, wealthy, neglected teenager who is indignantly beginning a pop career (she would rather be singing her own meaningful songs). Meanwhile on the opposite coast, the Dunne brothers are building their band, the Six. The Six gains some success and embarks on a tour, leaving behind lead singer Billy Dunne’s pregnant wife, Camila. Billy struggles with juggling the tour and his responsibilities at home, ultimately falling victim to some predictable tour-induced bad behavior. 

After the tour and its aftermath, the Six’s manager suggests they collaborate with a female vocalist on their next album — specifically, Daisy Jones. Daisy and Billy have undeniable chemistry, both romantically and musically, but on the surface they cannot stand each other. The album that they cowrite does extremely well, and the band goes back on the road, eventually becoming Daisy Jones and the Six. Daisy develops a pretty severe drug problem, and the Daisy-Billy-Camila love triangle escalates, along with some secondary romantic drama. I won’t give spoilers, but by the end of their tour, the members of the band must decide what and who means most to them and how to live with those choices.

In my opinion, one of the things Jenkins does really well is developing emotion and intricacy in her characters, despite the readers not having access to their thoughts. She somehow crafts complicated relationships through the perspective of an interviewer. Her ability to write raw, intense scene — like those where Billy and Daisy are alone writing music, or a particularly heavy encounter between Billy and a glass of tequila — is impressively effective at composing a truly page-turning (or Kindle-tapping) read. 

However, my personal favorite aspect of the novel is the glamorous world that Jenkins immerses you in. I had to double check with my mom that this story was indeed fiction because at times I felt certain it had to have been inspired by truth. The introduction on LA’s Sunset Strip, the hotel room interactions, and the recording studio sessions all felt as if I stumbled upon a very juicy secret on the streets of Hollywood.

This story was a great read and a perfect balance of heavy and light. It reminded me of what it felt like to fly through a book, and provided something more interesting to look at than vacation selfies. Apparently I’m not the only one who loved this story because “Daisy Jones and the Six”, the miniseries, is in the works with Reese Witherspoon as an executive producer! Don’t waste anymore time and order it on Amazon Prime today. 

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