Another lopsided Warriors finals win against an overwhelmed Cavaliers squad.  The only difference from last year’s final? The Warriors didn’t even bother dropping a game this time. They swept the Cavs and gave us the seemingly inevitable result that is the Warriors spending another year as the champs.

Many NBA fans lament the lack of parody in the league. We all knew that this would happen before the start of the season, and really, since two years ago when Durant decided to sign with the Warriors. The East has no team better than the Cavs and the Cavs aren’t even in the same category as the Warriors when it comes to talent. At least that’s what everyone seems to believe.

In reality, if you take a closer look, this Warriors team is not as invincible as it seems.  Every year they have won the championship, it has only been with the help of an injury to a key player or players on an opposing team. This year they were down 3-2 to the Rockets, who lost Chris Paul, and LeBron played games 2-4 of the finals with a bone bruise in his right hand.  The Cavs forced the Warriors to OT in Oracle Arena; we were robbed of what could have been a beautiful finals by a couple of questionable late-game calls and an emotional LeBron making a poor decision.

Last year the Spurs looked like the best matchup for the Warriors and the first half of game one of the series they were absolutely dominating them. Then Kawhi went down and the series was over.  Two years ago the Warriors lost to the Cavs in the finals and three years ago they were down 2-1 in the finals to a Cavs team missing Kyrie and Love.  This supposedly unstoppable Warriors team has actually looked vulnerable every year they’ve won and then fallen into good luck. Of course the Warriors can’t be blamed for other team’s injuries and have put on an incredible display of basketball. I’m simply positing the idea that we should not give up hope of a world where the Warriors lose.

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This offseason should give us plenty of reason to believe that that world will come sooner rather than later. Although draft day was slightly disappointing in that we didn’t see any big names swap teams, it’s very clear that there will be a lot of action this summer involving many all-stars, all in the name of stopping Golden State. With players like Lebron, Kawhi, Paul George, and Demarcus Cousins looking to find a new team, there will be a clear power shift.  The Rockets already are on the Warriors level and Mike D’Antoni has made his obsession with toppling the Warriors clear, and the East looks like it may finally have an answer in the Celtics and Sixers. Throw in the possibility of a Lakers super team and the Warriors may have an uphill battle next season, and we as fans may finally have a little suspense.

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