Sadly for many, it is that time of year: when all college students pack up and head back home for the summer. This year is different for many sophomores at Tulane in that we will not be returning next fall for first semester of Junior year. Instead, many students opt to study abroad, from places ranging from Australia to Budapest to Madrid. As the year comes to an end and I prepare to head to Europe, I ask myself: what is the best way is to enjoy my last few weeks in this wonderful city? Here is what has stuck with me.

First off, I’d like to visit my favorite restaurants one last time. These include the upscale Shaya, Pesche, and Meril; but also neighborhood cafes like Satsuma and Goodbird. Not only are these places delicious, but they been formative in my own perception of the food culture in New Orleans. Doing things that I will not be able to do in my hometown of NYC or abroad is next on my list. These include going to the Boot, walking down Magazine Street, and even sitting on the LBC quad. These little memories and spaces will stay with me while I am away.

Even though finals will be going on, sophomores in general should stay present throughout these next few weeks. Some ways you can do this are to spend time with friends, be engaged in your studies, walk around campus and New Orleans (Audubon Park, French Quarter, or Freret Street). Some of students’ favorite memories made here include the celebrations at Mardi Gras and Halloween, enjoying the meals at Crawfest, sports games, exploring personal interests in the form of clubs, and pursuing a major that aligns with your passion. I am so thankful, as I am sure most sophomores are, to have had the experience of attending school at Tulane University and it is almost impossible to believe that we are halfway done. My year will take the experiences, lessons, and values learned in these past two years in New Orleans and use them to enhance our study abroad experience. I know we will come back informed students with a global perspective that will enable us to succeed in all aspects of life.

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