“Why Tulane?” A lot of people ask me this when I mention I go to one of the most coveted schools in America, which is attributed to the academics, the parties, and most importantly, the city of New Orleans. New Orleans has the best food, the finest weather, the richest culture, and the most interesting people of any place I looked at when choosing where to attend college. So let’s dive into it: why Tulane?

New Orleans cuisine is a mixture of flavorful Creole and Cajun dishes, innovative food creations, and upscale dining options. You can venture off campus into New Orleans to experience the historical side at somewhere like Commander’s Palace to try a turtle soup. You can go to Willa Jean or Saba for a fun dinner with your friends. And finally, if your parents come to visit and want to take you out, La Petite Grocery or Domenica feature more deluxe menu items.

The weather in New Orleans is enough to make anyone jealous. I constantly find myself telling my family the temperature here to evoke some jealousy as they reside in the Northeast throughout brutal winter months. For me, when it is freezing back home, it’s a perfect 70 degrees here. While it does get a little steamy in August and early September, I’ll take it any day over the cold.

The culture of New Orleans is another reason many people choose to call this city home. Founded as a French colony in the early 1700s, it quickly grew into a city rich with tourism and trade. The music scene is unrivaled; a visitor can listen to Jazz, Cajun, and Brass band music all in one night. There is so much about the culture of New Orleans that makes it so special. The architecture and decoration of the houses on St. Charles, the history of voodoo and voodoo stores, and live music in the French Quarter, the list is endless. Mardi Gras and Halloween are great examples of Tulane students getting out into New Orleans (taking over New Orleans). The city celebrates with the craziest costumes, the rowdiest streets, and the most elaborate floats. If college is the time for partying and if you are into that, New Orleans will give it to you.

Last but definitely not least, the people I have met from New Orleans are so incredibly nice. They are welcoming and always happy to help a random student from the Northeast with a question about New Orleans. Everyone who lives here loves this city and wants to share everything that is so wonderful about it. To be a student at Tulane, one has to be somewhat open to new experiences and adventures. A majority of people I’ve met here are full of life and unrivaled excitement. The more time I spend in New Orleans, the more I see how the city brings out the best in people. That’s why I am happy to call it home.

COVER PHOTO: Justin Haber

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