A Star is Born, starring Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper, has taken social media by storm with both praises of the movie and an extensive collection of memes inspired by the dialogue between the two main characters.

The movie follows an aspiring singer and songwriter (Lady Gaga) as her relationship with a famous country singer (Bradley Cooper), along with her career, progresses. A Star is Born focuses both on the struggles of modern relationships as well as the pressures celebrities face due to their fame. This movie exceeds its already positive reputation with the reach of talent in its cast, the original and moving soundtrack, the authenticity of its set and dialogue, and its ability to tackle serious problems with ease. Although many parts of the movie seem unlikely, the emotion of the characters and their responses seem so natural and authentic that the movie becomes real to audiences.

Lady Gaga’s breadth of talent is obvious through her ability to produce vastly different, yet equally successful albums such as “The Fame Monster” and “Joanna,” and A Star is Born only further demonstrates her talent as she takes on acting with little difficulty. Gaga delivers a passionate and convincing performance as a young singer and songwriter, which can be traced back to her own experiences trying to succeed in the music industry. Since this role plays off of some of her real experiences, Gaga’s emotions and reactions seem plausible and realistic, making the entire plot of the movie much more believable.

Although Gaga’s performance is memorable, Bradley Cooper easily stands out as the star of this movie. Not only does he surprise audiences with his ability to sing, but also gives a heart-wrenching portrayal of a celebrity struggling with drug and alcohol addiction as well as depression. Cooper also directed and helped write the movie, so every aspect of the film highlights his talents as an actor, singer, director, and writer.


To discuss A Star is Born without mentioning its soundtrack would be a huge misrepresentation of the movie, since the soundtrack alone is packed with raw emotion and immense talent. The songs not only relate to the key plot points of the movie, but also add to the emotional connection viewers feel with the characters. “Shallow,” a song sang by both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, conveys the complex relationship between the two characters as well as demonstrates their impressive musical abilities.

The soundtrack also features a range of types of songs from slow ballads to pop songs and even upbeat country songs. Although every song is performed by either Cooper or Gaga, each song is vastly different, ensuring that there is something for fans of pretty much any type of music. The soundtrack would be successful on its own, but in tandem with the movie, it creates a level of art that is rarely seen in the music or film industry.

A Star is Born lives up to its reputation with its unforgettable soundtrack and cast and is still playing in local theaters such as the Broad Theater.


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