My time in Madrid has genuinely flown by in the mere month that I’ve been here. Adjusting to a new city can be a struggle at times, but it has definitely been an experience I will never forget. That said, I didn’t realize how different fashion would be in Madrid compared to Tulane before coming here. When I think about an ordinary Tulane student going to class, I envision biker short sets, sweats, a hoodie, leggings, or even a pair of jeans. I love to throw on something comfortable when going to class, so coming to study in Madrid has led me to step up my game when picking out my daily outfits.  

To start, the locals in Madrid tend to dress according to the current season instead of the temperature outside. Once, I saw a group of girls walk to class during “the fall” wearing jeans and a blouse- even though the high that day was 82 degrees. It was a change of mindset to how I usually dress, which at home is generally determined by what the weather channel reports that morning. Now, being abroad, I have to put aside my jean shorts and opt for a pair of jeans or linen pants during the warmer days. After realizing my new reality, I wondered what staples I should incorporate in my new closet while studying abroad for the semester…  

White Pants   

My mom always advised me to steer away from white pants after Labor Day, but I will forget that rule for the remainder of my time here. White pants, especially here, always seem to be in style, no matter the time of year. In addition, the wide variety of styles and materials of white pants available nowadays makes this staple perfect for elevating many different types of looks.  

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During the first few days of class, one of the first trends I noticed was the number of girls wearing scarves. I never thought of a scarf as a summer accessory until now, and honestly, it’s a super adorable piece to spice up any outfit. Choosing a scarf with a breathable, instead of warm, material (like linen) allows this accessory to be utilized on any warm and sunny day. 

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Fashionable streetwear sneakers are a staple in anyone’s closet worldwide, but in Madrid, Veja’s are where it’s at. They have many unique styles and colors ranging from “gym shoe” options to more sophisticated-looking ones. The great thing about these sneakers is they have a clean look that can go with most outfits. Having an essential staple like this makes it much easier to put together an outfit in the morning- without feeling like it’s a hassle. 

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Ditch the Athleisurewear 

I have to admit I’ve sometimes broken this rule, but for the most part, I try to tell myself it’s time to put away the leggings and biker shorts. I know… what am I supposed to wear then? I’ve had to get used to wearing jeans in the morning, but when I want to be incredibly comfortable and look put together, I wear my black trousers, which are a vital part of my capsule wardrobe. Sometimes I wear leggings and attempt to make them cute with a t-shirt, linen blouse, or a sweater. You can’t be perfect; in the end, it’s all about what makes you feel the most confident and comfortable. 

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