The world is rapidly evolving, and most industries, including the beauty industry, have transformed into something that most people never considered possible. People are starting to care more about having skincare routines and being conscious about where their products come from, especially as we better understand the science behind our skin and environmental practices. With technology consistently getting increasingly better, people can access information that was previously difficult to obtain. With the benefits of our changing world, we can take the immense amount of information accessible at our fingertips and put the future of beauty into our own hands. 

Cruelty-Free = A No Brainer

One tremendous change that has occurred throughout the years is the decrease in animal-tested beauty products. Consumers are putting more pressure on companies to be more transparent about their ethical efforts and how they test their products. The internet allows consumers to access their desired company’s website to see their cruelty-free efforts. Brands are realizing the benefits of brand transparency regarding consumer loyalty and satisfaction, so keeping an open line of communication is necessary for brands seeking to stay on the radar. Brands have also started prioritizing sustainable packaging, which may include packaging materials such as glass instead of plastic for their containers. Brands like Cocokind and Glow Recipe go above and beyond to give advice on how to recycle finished products, which is an innovative way to support and teach sustainable practices.  

One piece of advice would be to do your research before you consume and see if the brand you’re looking to buy from is making valiant efforts to support the ethical production of products and sustainability efforts. If the company isn’t clear about this topic, there is likely a reason for it. 

From 5 Serums to 1

Another trend that I think will continue to evolve within the beauty industry is the idea of “multi-use” products. Much more time was spent on intricate 15-step skincare routines during the pandemic. Still, nowadays, people want an effortless routine while using all the ingredients they desire to target specific skin concerns. 

The Peach and Lily Glass Skin and The Ordinary Buffet serums are great examples of products with multiple “front-liner” ingredients and various skin benefits. You can ditch the other five serums taking up your bathroom cabinet space using just one of these products. Not only does it make your regimen more straightforward and practical, but it’s also cheaper, and you’re less likely to use multiple products with different active ingredients that may clash. Additionally, products such as Glow Recipes’ new Strawberry Blur Drops and their Watermelon Dew Drops double as a serum before moisturizer/SPF and as a primer before makeup application. These products are super convenient and a money saver since I’m buying fewer products while benefiting my skin in multiple ways… what a steal! 

Shade Diversity

Come on, guys… it’s crazy that shade diversity is just recently starting to be prioritized. This includes more foundation and concealer shades and a more extensive range of clothing sizes. It’s so important that brands prioritize inclusivity within their launches and existing product lines to ensure that everyone can access and use products within the market. I think the first time I noticed the lack of shade diversity within the beauty industry being talked about on such a large scale was when our queen, Rihanna, dropped her Fenty Beauty foundation line. More brands are pushing wide shade ranges, but there’s still much more room for improvement for darker shades. 

With all the changes throughout the years, the industry is growing positively, and I hope it continues. We, as consumers, have the power to express to these companies what we want to see and what we value, especially with access to social media and how it is used for marketing purposes. But on the flip side, brands within the beauty industry have the responsibility to make positive changes and continue to be transparent with consumers. Only time can tell… 

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