Tulane spring semester tests students’ “work hard play hard” mentality to the max. From Mardi Gras sending us straight into festival season, there are constant opportunities for fun. However, these events can be exhausting and expensive. We see it in the movies and on our own campus, Spring Break has the connotation of being a party week at an all-inclusive beach resort filled with wristband-wearing college kids and bottomless tropical cocktails. If this isn’t your idea of fun, you’ve come to the right place! However, your Spring Break can be the perfect opportunity for a reset thanks to these alternative spring break ideas: 


People around the world travel far and wide to visit the magical city of New Orleans! Tulane students often talk about being trapped in the campus bubble, and a staycation is the perfect time to explore the city that most only call home for four years. Staying in town means avoiding travel-related expenses and stressors Exploring new museums, restaurants, and parks just outside your door could mean having a truly vibrant but still relaxing week. Outside of Uptown, students typically only visit downtown and the French Quarter, but there are amazing places to visit in the Garden District, Mid-City, and The Bywater/Marigny, too. This is also the perfect time to have a friend from home visit you, and if you really need to “get away,” you could even stay in an Airbnb in a different part of town for the week. 

Visit a Friends House or Host Your Friends 

I have always loved visiting my friends in their hometowns because it really makes you understand them more. A friend of mine from Florida jokes that she lives where people vacation, and she could not be more right. It is so fun to host friends and show them your favorite spots from growing up , or vice versa. This option also eliminates the stress of finding a place to stay and gives you that grounding feeling of going home – even if it’s not to your family’s house. This is also a great time to visit your family and introduce them to your friends. Spring Break is the perfect time to spend some quality, wholesome time with your loved ones! 

Visit a City That’s Been on Your Bucket List 

If you aren’t married to a typical spring break beach vacation, Spring Break is an awesome time to visit a city you’ve always wanted to see, especially in perfect spring weather. Last year, a friend of mine and I went to New York City, stayed in a cheap hotel in Midtown and picked a neighborhood a day to explore. We had no itinerary, and since it was just the two of us, finding places to dine without making reservations was a piece of cake. The most important rule for going on this type of trip is finding a buddy with the same travel attitude as you. Whether you like to go with the flow or plan every minute, traveling with a bestie is so much fun. My friend and I definitely had some flop moments, but we laughed them off and they made our trip even more memorable. Other ideas within the United States include exploring Yellowstone in Wyoming, listening to country music in Nashville, Tennessee or Texas, or enjoying the white-sand beaches in Florida.

Spring Break can be as “go-go-go” or as restful as you choose, but the best scenario is finding the balance. With correct planning, Spring Break can be done affordably by booking plane tickets and accommodation in advance, or by taking a road trip. It is a week to reset before finals season and spend last hoorahs with friends before the summer. 

Featured image via Simran Gupta.

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