Before coming to Tulane, there was no worse feeling than sitting back and watching the sun set on your summer months. As the sky gets darker, that pit in your stomach gets bigger, reminding you of the coming weeks in which your freedom to frolic about as you please has said its final goodbye. Now, as a Tulane student, there is no better feeling than jumping on the plane and heading back to school where it feels like summer will never end. For you freshmen reading this, if you haven’t realized it yet, NOLA is a city of never ending vacation—that’s the real reason you chose Tulane, isn’t it? Whether it be a Friday at the fly or chilling on the quad after a stressful day, that summer feeling of having the “freedom to frolic as you please” comes rushing back to you as you breathe in that NOLA air.

Given the fact that NOLA’s weather is impeccable (give or take the humidity), we have the privilege to go lay out by the pool after a long day of class in the middle of October while our friends and families are freezing at home. The best place to keep your summer vibes going is a unique rooftop bar and/or pool. Everyone already knows the Alto at the Ace—if you don’t, you must check it out before you even think of finishing this article; put the paper down and order your uber ASAP.  But what else is out there? I found some hidden gems that are the perfect place to max and relax.

1. Hot Tin at the Pontchartrain Hotel


Originally a luxurious apartment building in the heart of New Orleans, Hot Tin was constructed within the space of the original penthouse suite. It’s an intimate rooftop bar with both indoor and outdoor areas with a 270-degree view of downtown NOLA. The décor will bring a bit of the past into the present. A must see!

PONTCHARTRAIN-REST-HOT-TIN-0594.jpgPHOTO: The Pontchartrain Hotel

2. Monkey Board


This is another addition to NOLA’s rooftop space. Monkey Board is dedicated to “remaining true to the Big Easy’s appreciation for after-work hours’ fun.” Located on top of the Troubadour Hotel, Monkey Board is an enchanting destination with live music, a creative menu, and the hope that it will be your new favorite hangout spot—if it’s not, sue me!

3. Above the Grid

NOPSI-pool-1.pngPHOTO: Yelp

Above the Grid is one of the newer rooftop locations in NOLA. Located on the top of The Nopsi Hotel, Above the Grid has the desirable combo of both bar and pool. During the day, The Nopsi rooftop is a scenic escape to take some alone time to relax or to get together with friends in the cabanas. By night, the roof transforms into what will be NOLA’s newest hot spot. I have no doubt that Above the Grid will be the trendiest new scene in the city.

4. Le Méridien New Orleans Hotel and Rooftop Pool

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 5.13.18 PM.pngPHOTO:

Open from 7 am – 10 pm, the rooftop pool at Le Méridien New Orleans is your next afternoon outing must. They pride themselves on creating a tranquil environment for their visitors to unwind and relax in. Whether you sit back in a complimentary lounge chair or get a cabana for a group, I guarantee Le Méridien NOLA will be your favorite new destination.

Now don’t just sit there and take a mental note of these fabulous destinations—get up, get dressed, and go check out whichever destination floats your boat. Together, we are continuing to keep summer alive and sunny in NOLA.

Cover Photo: Sabrina Kogut

Know any other hot spots that I missed? Let us know in the comments!


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