With the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, many have Princess Diana’s tragic death on their minds.   

In her famous tell-all TV interview in 1995 with journalist Martin Bashir, she said, “I’d like to be a queen of people’s hearts, in people’s hearts, but I don’t see myself being the queen of this country.” When the Princess and Prince Charles (now King Charles III) eight months earlier, she gave up her right to be the next Queen of England. After the divorce, it was agreed that her new title would be Diana, Princess of Wales.   

Not only is the Princess remembered as a prominent philanthropic force, with causes as varied as leprosy awareness, landmines, and HIV/AIDS, but she also looked good doing it. Today, Princess Diana is seen as a style icon, stepping up to the same level as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy in the fashion world. Princess Diana’s style was timeless, yet she was not afraid to make some dares for her time. From ballgown to sweat, Princess D made everything look sophisticated and tasteful.   

From Diana’s sexy “revenge” looks after her divorce to her laid-back athleisure looks, I can confidently say there are 7 Princess Diana-inspired trends: “I would totally wear that right now.”   

Western Boots 

Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

Cowboy boots have been back in style in for a while now. It started merely as a Halloween accessory to the popular “space cowgirls” costume, and has grown into a statement piece in streetwear. Western-inspired boots can spice up any look, from a Friday afternoon at The Fly fit – to even an elevated sweatpants look, which, of course, she is absolutely rocking in this image.  

Little Black Dresses 

Photo via Hello Magazine
Photo Via WhoWhatWear

Diana’s stylistic choices have even made their way to Tulane’s nightlife. Go out on a Friday night and you’ll see waves of Tulane girls channeling their inner Princess Diana. She is the poster image for sexy elegance. It’s simple piece that is easy to dress up or down. A little black dress is an essential item in your wardrobe as time has told us. One of Princess Diana’s most recognizable and iconic outfits is showcased in the left picture. Society has named it her “revenge dress”. Diana specifically wore that dress after learning that Prince Charles, her husband, had confessed to the world about his longtime affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Iconic to say the least!   


Photo Via Today.com
Photo Via Vogue

A fashion-girl staple: blazers. She took this traditional menswear piece and transformed it into a casual look with hints of femineity. The blazer, denim, and sweatshirt look is taking over streetwear. Princess Diana was no stranger to layering. She played with masculine and feminine pieces to create her own trademark aesthetic. She coined the term “elevated basics” that work with each other to create a pulled-together look.





Biker Shorts

Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Vanity Fair

I wear this staple fit to class almost every day; a graphic tee or sweatshirt with a pair of comfy bike shorts. We see the influence of Diana’s fashion sense in trends today. Brands like Alo Yoga and Set Active dominate college campuses as girls strut to class and the gym in their matching workout sets. Complete Diana’s classic every day look by simply adding white sneaks and ankle socks! To let out your inner Princess D, the iconic sweatshirt on the left is remade and for sale on Etsy. Just search “Vintage Princess Diana Sweatshirt.” (Prices ranging from $20-$35). Esty Link – Sweatshirt. 





Photo via FashionLady

Ahh, pearls. So timeless and elegant. Today, so many brands are releasing their take on pearls. My favorite is layering different pearl pieces, just like Princess Diana.  


Photo via Elle

Overalls are not usually seen in a royal’s wardrobe, but Princess Diana was anything but ordinary. Overalls have gone in and out of style of the years but their currently back and hopefully here to stay. They’re are super fun and playful, yet chic at the same time. An easy outfit to put together for a laid back look with having to sacrifice style. 

Patterned Pants

Photo via Getty Images

Want to dress up a casual top? A fun, printed pair of pants does the trick. Princess Diana was the ultimate gingham queen. Princess Diana was a force, and her style reflected that. Diana’s usage of bold colors was merely a glimpse into her colorful personality that touched every person she met. Brands like Balmain, Princess Polly, ASOS, Zara, and Monki are a few in the sea of fashion brands and houses that use Princess Diana’s unique and daring style as inspiration for collections and trends today.  


Featured Image Via Vanity Fair

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