Since we’re currently in NOLA, with no snow to christen the commencement of the holidays, it can be challenging to get into the holiday spirit in the same way we used to when we were younger. With the holidays right around the corner, what better way to get into the spirit than gift shopping or wish list-making? I’ve been scouring through every blog and website to compile the best Gen Z-approved gift ideas that will make any fashion and beauty lover fall head over heels. Whether you’re creating your wish list or looking for something for a friend, there’s something on this list for you. 

 Silk Pillowcases:  

Celebrities claim silk pillowcases as their beauty secret. Silk pillowcases have been all the rage recently with their assertion of anti-aging and anti-bedhead. Compared to cotton pillowcases containing harsh fibers that tug at your skin and create microtears, silk pillowcases absorb less dirt. In addition, they are hypoallergenic, making them an excellent option for those with acne. If you have curly or dry hair, it’s time to ditch your cotton pillowcase. Silk pillowcases tend to absorb less moisture, keeping your curls intact, healthy, and frizz-free.   

Slip’s Queen Zippered Pillowcase 

Slip’s version comes in sixteen different patterns and colors. 

Image via Slip.
Image via Slip.




Amazon Silk Pillowcase and Eyemask 

This Amazon version comes in five colors and is more budget-friendly than Slip’s. Plus, it comes with a matching eye mask- how cute!

Image via Amazon.

Sephora Value/Gift Set: 

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is when Sephora drops its holiday gift sets. Sephora’s gift sets are a one-stop shop with hundreds of affordable value sets to choose from to check off everyone on your gift list. My current choices are staple brands and products everyone needs in their bathroom: Laneige, Olaplex, and Rare Beauty.   

LANEIGE Perfect Pair Lip Hydration Set 

Image via Laneige.
Image via Laneige.

Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment 

Image via Sephora.
Image via Sephora.

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Soft Pinch Liquid Blush 3 Piece Set 

Image via Refinery29.
Image via Refinery29.

Monthly Jewelry Subscriptions:

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription 

For $21 a month, Rocksbox sends you three rental pieces of jewelry based on a style quiz you take. You can purchase any of the pieces with the $21 applied, and you can rent the pieces for as long as you want. Then, after selecting what you want to keep and what you wish to return, you send the jewelry back and receive new pieces! 

Image via Rocksbox Jewelry.

Pajama Sets: 

Pajama Sets genuinely make all the difference in boosting confidence. I don’t know what it is, but wearing a pajama set to bed makes you feel so put together. Plus, who says you can’t look adorable when going to bed?   

VICTORIA’S SECRET Stretch Lace & Satin Cami Set 

Victoria’s Secret makes a cozy but trendy satin option with dainty lace detailing. It’s ideal if you’re trying to achieve a feminine, sexy look. Also, the triangle cups and spaghetti straps make this set an excellent alternative for girls with flat chests. This set comes in eight different colors and patterns and is perfect for relaxing in over winter break.   

Image via Victoria’s Secret.

Samring Women’s Button Down Pajama Set   

This pajama set from Amazon is said to be incredibly soft based on the reviews, plus it is so cute!   

Image via Amazon.

Glossier Balm Dotcom: 

This lip balm currently comes in eleven different flavors, and I seriously haven’t found one that I haven’t loved. You can get a bundle of three for $36 or one for $12. Each of their balms have different flavors and tints. I love their holiday release, which is currently trending on TikTok for their limited-edition Swiss Miss flavor that has a sheer brown tint… How festive! 

Balm Dotcom 

Image via StyleCaster.


Skims, known for their extensive range of colors and sizes, are vital for a campus capsule wardrobe. Ms. Kim Kardashian has outdone herself with these high-quality basics that are worth the investment. Everyone worships how their pieces hug your body in all the right places. My favorites from Skims are their classic T-shirts, bodysuits, sweats, and pajamas.   


Image via POPSUGAR.
Image Via Skims.


Image via Skims.

Fun Sunglasses: 

With Mardi Gras on the horizon, what’s a better gift than a pair of fun sunglasses? Here are some budget-friendly ones from Amazon: 

Wrap Around Y2K Sunglasses  

Image via Amazon.

Rectangle Sunglasses 

Image via Amazon.

Oversize Square Sparkling Sunglasses  

Image via Amazon.

Professional Skin Therapy: 

NuDerma Professional Skin Therapy Wand 

Take your skincare routine to a whole new level with the NuDerma Skin Therapy Wand. This high-tech creation claims to enhance skin blood flow and control blemishes- an ideal gift for the skincare fanatic.   

Image via NuDerma.

NuFACE Mini Starter Kit 

This facial toning device gained popularity from its miraculous ability to give you a face life in 5 minutes. This petite skin tool is beloved by many celebrities for its ability to tone, lift, and contour facial muscles while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The NuFACE is a special present for any skincare lover because it stimulates the larger surface areas of your face and neck with microcurrent. The starter kit comes with the NuFACE device, a charger, and an Aqua Gel Activator to conduct microcurrent down to the facial muscle and hydrate skin for up to 24 hours. 

Image via NuFACE.

Monogrammed Jewelry: 

For me, personalized gifts are so thoughtful and memorable. My favorite personalized gift is undoubtedly jewelry. I have worn my “E” necklace every day since I was gifted it. Here are some options that fit every price range. 

Awegift Personalized Name Necklace 18K Gold Plated    

The customizable 18 K Gold Plated full-name necklace from Amazon has fantastic reviews and is affordable.   

Image via Amazon.

Custom Tennis Bracelet 

Lined with luxe Cubic Zirconia stones and gold letters, this customizable tennis bracelet from BaubleBar is an excellent gift for anyone looking to enter the bracelet lovers’ realm. 

Image via BaubleBar.

Monogram Pendant Necklace 

This initial necklace from Anthropologie is so simple yet such a statement piece. It’s perfect for layering jewelry or merely wearing it alone.  

Image via Anthropology.
Image via Anthropology.

Featured Image via British GQ.

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