Do you want to help save a child’s life? Do you want to be a strong leader in the New Orleans community? Do you want to make miracles happen for children and families who desperately need them? 

If so, join me at the Tulane University Dance Marathon

Tulane University Dance Marathon is part of a national movement of college students working together to fight for sick and injured kids in our local communities to have access to the care they need. One of over 400 dance marathons across North America, TUDM raises funds and awareness for our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Children’s Hospital – New Orleans (CHNOLA). We raise these funds through year long efforts of programming, fundraising, social media campaigns, awareness, sponsorships, and more. All our efforts culminate with our Dance Marathon event this spring on April 10th, 2021. Students, peers, and community members will unite for a common cause and stand For The Kids. 

Donations made to CHNOLA will remain local, and used to fund healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment, and critical treatments for children at Children’s Hospital. Fundraising for our local children’s hospital has always been an incredibly important and impactful mission, however this year is particularly important. Since the emergence of COVID-19, Children’s Hospitals across the nation have lost about $67 million each month. These kids and hospitals need your help, they can’t afford to wait for the curve to flatten

For me, joining TUDM meant more than just fundraising for families in the New Orleans community. It meant becoming part of a team of people that are really good at doing good. 

Each member of TUDM is different. We’re in different student orgs, clubs and sororities. We live in different places. We have different majors, hobbies, likes and dislikes. But, despite our differences, we are all fighters, leaders, and helpers. We’re a team of strong and diverse opinions and ideas. We use these opinions and ideas to change and save lives. What’s more powerful than that? 

I got involved in TUDM because I was eager to find something in college that channeled my eagerness to be there for others and give back to the community. I love the feeling of giving someone a shoulder to lean on when they need it — whether it’s a best friend or a complete stranger. There is no feeling more rewarding than knowing your efforts are going towards saving the lives of children.

Here are ways you can get involved with TUDM: 

  1. Register

One way to register is as a team. Gather up as many people as you can from anywhere. Ask the person in front of you in line at Starbucks to join your team. Just kidding, don’t do that. But do reach out to people on your dorm floor, people in your sorority/fraternity, people in your clubs, your friends, and ask them to join you in your fight to save lives. Either start your own team by becoming a team captain, or join a pre existing team. You can also register as an individual. 

  1. Join a Committee 

*Disclaimer: You are NOT registering as a Dancer with this option* 

Joining a committee gives you the opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes. If you are interested in helping to plan Dance Marathon next year, joining a committee would be a great place to start. Our committees include Recruitment, Finance, Public Relations, Programming and Morale. Committees work individually within their teams and we collaborate with other committees in hopes of giving these kids the Dance Marathon they deserve.

If you want more information about how to get involved, feel free to email or These kids really need your help. So, join me today, and together, let’s fight for a better tomorrow for kids who deserve it. 

Cover Photo: Suzy Davis

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