Looking for a new show to binge while also wanting to feel empowered af? You’re in the right spot. As a Netflix lover, serious binger, and strong feminist, I’ve complied a list of the best Netflix series that depict women as the strong-willed, independent badasses that we are. So pick up a tub of ice cream from MacMart, call your girlfriends, and get ready for a long and well-deserved GNI.

Workin’ Moms: One of my personal favorites, Workin Moms’  is produced by Catherine Rittman, who also leads the cast as Kate. Produce a TV show then star in it… Okay, slay. The series follows the life of Kate, who is forced to find a balance between her work life as a PR Executive, where she is treated as “one of the boys,” and her home life, where she attempts to build a relationship with her son. The show depicts the difficulty, but attainability, of being a workin’ mom, while also being a lovin’ and wonderful mom.


Law and Order SVU: This is objectively one of the most captivating shows. Ever. Maybe I’m drawn to it because the protagonist, Liv Benson, is an unapologetically fierce, intelligent, and respected detective. She is typically shown as the main solver of serious crimes, and as an advocate for marginalized victims. Similar to Workin Moms’, Benson is a mother, fighting for and demanding respect in the workplace while also fighting for a relationship with her son.


Orange is the New Black: OITNB is realer than real. It highlights a cycle of women messing up, getting in trouble, then messing up again — a cycle most of us are quite familiar with (whether we like to admit it or not). I’ll try not to spoil it, but it highlights that sleeping with the wrong people, cheating on those you love, and experimenting with your sexuality are way more normal than you might think.


How To Get Away With Murder: In addition to being a captivating show, where you will get so attached to the characters that you feel like they’re your best friends, HTGAWM’s lead protagonist is a strong, and quite terrifying, professor and mentor to law students. Viola Davis has won countless awards for her role as the shows lead, Annalise, and has won the hearts of millions. Davis has also made a name for herself amongst the acting scene as a strong actress and producer of HTGAWM. She is nothing short of a force to be reckoned with — *swoon*!!


So, sit back, relax, and remember, in the words of Beyonce, who run the world? Girls.

Cover Photo: Justin Haber

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