Don’t get me wrong; I definitely enjoy a good night out. But sometimes there come those nights when you just can’t bring yourself to do a full face of makeup and put on actual clothes, especially when the rainy winter weather is starting to hit us hard. So for those of you that just need a night in, here are a few ideas of what to do when the thought of hitting the bars or frats night feels out of the question.

1. Listen to a podcast.

I used to think of listening to podcasts as something only 60-year-old women did, but over the past couple of years there has definitely been a change in the demographic of listeners, as well as more variety in the shows themselves. With the expansion of podcasts into the mainstream, there is now something for everyone. These are some of my favorites: Gals on the Go with Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio (college life/advice), This American Life hosted by Ira Glass, Serial with Sarah Koenig (true crime), and Views with David Dobrik and Jason Nash (comedy).

2. Have a self-care night.

Pull out those face-masks from the care package your mom sent you, maybe take a yoga class you find on Youtube, Postmates food, or put on some Netflix. It may seem obvious, but this is definitely one of the easiest ways to unwind, and it can be really beneficial in the long run. It’s important to take the time to focus on yourself!

3. Go see a show.

There are so many opportunities to see concerts, shows, music, etc. here in NOLA, so take full advantage of it! The high cost of tickets isn’t in everyone’s budget, so WTUL (Tulane’s radio station) often gives away free tickets to concerts at venues like Gasa Gasa, which you can get by calling in. Sometimes they’ll also post on their Instagram and you can enter by simply DMing them.

4. Clean.

Personally, when I have a clean living space, I find it much easier to relax (and often the act itself of organizing itself can be therapeutic). Clean out the junk drawer in your desk, put away your laundry, or maybe even do a complete closet clean out. Flu season is also starting to amplify, so it can’t hurt to pull out those Clorox wipes and just wipe down any common surfaces.

5. Make a new playlist.

For many of us, certain songs/albums/playlists are reminiscent of different stages in our lives. It can be nice to take the time to go through your music and compile your recent favorite songs into a fresh playlist to represent the current “era” you’re in. 

6. Be productive off campus.

Getting off campus for a change in study environment can be super motivating. Last week I ended up going to Mojo Coffee House on Freret with some friends at night, which was convenient because they are open until 11pm and have free WiFi.

I hope that you will take inspiration from some of these ideas when weighing your options of going out or staying in. FOMO can affect all of us; sometimes staying in might seem lonely, but these ideas are here to remind you that a night in doesn’t have to be boring!

Cover Photo: Carolyn Ellis

Rachel Gothelf

About Rachel Gothelf

Rachel Gothelf is a freshman from the Bay Area, California. She’s planning on majoring in Political Science and Communication with a minor in Spanish, and has joined the Crescent as a College Life contributor for the purpose of having fun writing about her experiences here at Tulane!