Since its debut in August, the Instagram account @tulanemissedconnections has made a pretty significant impact on campus. For those of you who don’t know what the page is, the account bio reads, “Charmed by a quick chat in the LBC? Met a cutie at a darty and want to reconnect? Didn’t catch a name but wish you did? You came to the right place.”

The account encourages students to send in a direct message explaining a quick interaction they had in an attempt to reconnect with someone. No one knows who actually runs the account, but the account owner will often sign off their posts with “-Ms. Connections.” The page has grown to become a noteworthy part of Tulane culture. The first time I heard about the account, it only had a couple hundred followers and I didn’t think much of it. But it didn’t take long for the page to quickly gain traction within the Tulane community, currently boasting over 3,400 followers.

@tulanemissedconnections has become a hot topic of discussion for some people on campus, or a sort of joke for others, but for my friends, being featured on the account has become an item to check off of our freshman year bucket list. Whenever something somewhat embarrassing happens to us, we find ourselves hoping that the surrounding witnesses (often strangers) will send a message to the account recounting the incident. After I dropped an entire place of mac n’ cheese on the floor of the Commons, I was hopeful the boy who helped me clean it up would message the account, “to the girl who spilled your food everywhere in the Commons earlier, you have pretty eyes.” A clumsy, usually embarrassing event can turn into an opportunity to connect with total strangers and if you’re lucky, find again later through @tulanemissedconnections.

A unifying aspect of the account is how it seems to attract people from all different areas of the Tulane student body. It’s not just for those in Greek Life, the indie crowd, or athletes. The students acknowledged in the posts are pretty representative of the entire Tulane community. @tulanemissedconnections has brought the student body together, and is now just one of the things that makes Tulane, Tulane.

Cover Photo: Dani Stein

Rachel Gothelf

About Rachel Gothelf

Rachel Gothelf is a freshman from the Bay Area, California. She’s planning on majoring in Political Science and Communication with a minor in Spanish, and has joined the Crescent as a College Life contributor for the purpose of having fun writing about her experiences here at Tulane!