For most college students, a dorm room is the first time they are living with another person. It can be difficult to navigate living with someone else while transitioning into other aspects of college life as well. However, if you keep in my mind a few simple things, you and your roommate can get along without a hitch!

  1. You and your roommate do not need to be best friends. While it is always nice to invite your roommate to join you at the Commons with some friends, it is important to remember that it may be best not to do everything together. It’s more than okay to make different friends and branch out from each other; it can even be healthy for you two to spend some time apart.

  2. Lay down some expectations with your roommate about using headphones, taking out the trash, buying groceries, and having guests. If you both are on the same page, you can avoid almost every petty roommate argument that comes up.

  3. Be honest with your roommate and do not be afraid to politely confront them. It’s your room too! You should tell them if their music is too loud or that they always wake you up when they have an 8 a.m. It is important that you hold them accountable so that they feel comfortable to do the same with you.

  4. If things start to get rough, it can always help to start spending less time in your room. Try doing your homework somewhere else and maybe hang out in a friend’s room for a change. No two people should be cooped up in a tiny dorm room all day long.

There are few things more important than being comfortable in your own living space. After a long night or a stressful test you should relieved going back to your room to decompress. With these things in mind and a little patience, you can find a friend for life in your freshman year roommate!

Cover Photo: Carolyn Ellis

Izzy Cutler


Izzy Cutler is a writer for the college life section! She is a freshman from outside of Philadelphia. She loves sushi, listening to music, and all things NOLA.