As freshmen at Tulane, roommates Phillip Brossy and Josh Shawver-Weiner had the idea to start a business out of their dorm room. They started fixing phones in their spare time, establishing a customer base and eventually developing a website to streamline their services. Today, Oh Shoot! Is a hard-to-miss presence on our campus.

OhShoot! Cleaning service

When Brossy and Shawver-Weiner came back to campus sophomore year, they decided to expand and improve on their success from the previous year. They created a new website, hired an employee to fix the phones, and watched their business expand. When they reached a point of having multiple customers per day, they decided to start thinking of how to capitalize on their success, said Brossy. As a result, they took the initiative to launch Oh Shoot! on other campuses around the country, eventually opening a branch at High Point University, University of Southern California, Gettysburg College, Xavier University of Louisiana, Loyola University New Orleans, University of Michigan, and Wake Forest University.

Afterthe expansion and reorganization of Oh Shoot! they are now able to guarantee afixed phone within 60 minutes of an appointment. Not only that, but Brossypoints out that a highlight of Oh Shoot! is being able to provide plenty ofpart-time employment opportunities for students that pay far better thanminimum wage. They count as many as 70 representatives under their employment.In a recent development, they were able to hire software developers to helpthem improve their digital services and make their services more accessible.

Oh Shoot! Tutoring

OhShoot! also counts charity work as part of its repertoire. This past Friday,they launched a charity event with Plant the Peace, an organization committedto planting trees in Sub-Saharan Africa. The event hosted several bands’performances as a fundraiser for Plant the Peace that all students were able toattend for a small cover fee. The event included drinks and apparel sales that accompanied the live performances, and I can personally attest to the relaxedand welcoming atmosphere the event provided. 

Josh Weiner (left) and Philip Brossy (right) at the OhShoot! charity concert event for Plant the Peace. 

This Monday, Oh Shoot! is launching their new platform and website on website will allow customers to access their services more easily thanever. Customers will be able to book appointments for any service within anhour of the desired time during any and all working hours. This will include OhShoot Cleans, a student cleaning service, and Oh Shoot Tutors, a tutoringservice, on top of the existing Oh Shoot Repairs. They will also have a recordemployment rate, with five cleaners, two phone technicians, and 20 tutors attheir disposal. And they’re not done: Brossy says that there is talk ofexpanding their services to include a handyman services and launching these newfeatures to other campuses eventually.

Staytuned to hear more about their growth and services, and make sure you check out this Monday, October 28th.

Cover Photo: OhShoot!

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