As we all know, May is quickly approaching. While this means the end of the academic year for everyone, for me it means that I made it through my first year of college. Like many other students, I have had a lot of dilemmas and confusion regarding my summer plans for the next few months. Just in case anyone else is dealing with this confusion, I decided to talk to some fellow freshmen and see what kinds of things they’re doing this summer. 

First off is Samy Morton, a pre-med biology and anthropology student from Hong Kong! Like many other international students, big breaks like summer are among the only opportunities to really go home. She is planning on immediately going back home for a few weeks. Perhaps in an attempt to keep the semester’s momentum going, she is going to be shadowing at OT&P, a private medical clinic. After she finishes her internship opportunity at OT&P in Hong Kong, she is planning on going on a study abroad program with Tulane! The program will be in Stockholm, and will be a month-long opportunity to study in and explore the city. Afterwards, she plans on taking three weeks to backpack through Europe, from Scotland to Ireland to Croatia. And to cap off her summer, she’s going back home to spend time with friends and family. 

Another particularly impressive freshman is Olivia Mullaney, a political science student from Alexandria, VA, in the DC metro area. She’s interested in entering the legal and political realms, and will be putting her hometown to good use and interning with Senator and 2016 Democratic Party VP candidate Tim Kaine. As senator Kaine’s intern, Olivia will have the chance to learn about the legislative process and potentially see how the Senate works up close. She also gets to do all of this from the comfort of her hometown.

Last but not least, the third freshman I spoke to is Trey Hill, a neuroscience and computer science student from Paulina, LA. This summer, Trey will be working as a camp counselor. However, unlike many students who go back to work at their childhood sleepaway camps, Trey is going to work at one of Tulane’s summer programs and live on campus. Not only that, but he is taking some time to explore non-academic interests, working on writing a music album and potentially shooting a music video, too.  

If any of you are still confused about your summer plans, the biggest takeaway from all of this is there is no one path you should take. You can make the most of it no matter where you end up this summer!


Ori Tsameret

About Ori Tsameret

A sophomore from Portland, Ori has triple citizenship and speaks fluent Hebrew. He enjoys getting involved with the New Orleans community with his political economics major.