With finals right around the corner, it’s important to take breaks and decompress in between study sessions. Podcasts are a great way to de-stress while still learning something interesting. Whether you’re walking back from Howie T or running on the treadmill, these seven podcasts are sure to keep you entertained and stress-free.

If you need to catch up on pop culture: “Chicks in the Office

For mind-numbing celebrity gossip and Bachelor recaps, look no further than “Chicks in the Office.” This weekly Barstool podcast is hosted by two energetic women who love analyzing trends in pop culture. It’s the perfect listen when you need a break from thinking.

If you need new crime mysteries in your life: Up and Vanished

“Up and Vanished” is a gripping true crime series that investigates people who have mysteriously disappeared. Each season covers a different cold case and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you’re feeling particularly political: “The Daily”

This New York Times podcast dives into the biggest news stories of the day, providing extensive information so listeners are in-the-know. Host Michael Barbaro interviews Times reporters on the day’s headlines and discusses the larger significance of daily events.

If you’re in need of some dating advice: Girls Gotta Eat

Although extremely raunchy, “Girls Gotta Eat” discusses the trials and tribulations of dating in a hilarious, captivating manner. The two hosts, Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine, are both relatable and ridiculous. If you need a laugh, check out “Girls Gotta Eat.”

If you’re hungry: “The Splendid Table”

Francis Lam’s weekly food podcast explores food preparation, assessment, and culture. The podcast takes the listener on a tour of restaurants and cuisine across the world and answers food-related questions from listeners. If the typical Easy Mac diet of finals is getting you down, make sure you listen to “The Splendid Table.”  

If you’re feeling sporty: “Pardon My Take
This Barstool podcast is not only hilarious, but discusses current events in sports in a way that non-sports fans can enjoy. Between off-topic banter and interviews with some of the biggest names in sports,Pardon My Take” is a great listen for all.  

If you need some more Queer Eye in your life: “Getting Curious with Jonathan van Ness

If you binged Season 3 of Queer Eye too quickly and are left with a Jonathan-van-Ness-sized hole in your heart, listen to “Getting Curious.” JVN discusses everything from politics, to dating, to self-love with experts on the topics. After listening to an episode, you’re sure to feel like a “kween.”

No matter what you’re in the mood for, these engaging podcasts will teach you something while keeping your stress levels low. It’s important to take time for yourself during stressful periods and step away from work. Listening to podcasts will keep your both stimulated and calm so that you can stay on top of your game. You may even find your new summer obsession!


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Grace Dubay is our Senior Editor! She’s an English and Communications major with a passion for writing. Grace loves to explore New Orleans, travel, and find new restaurants to try.