Coming into Tulane, I had no doubt that I wanted to study abroad for a semester. I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to travel across the world and immerse myself in another country’s culture. While I’m extremely excited to study in Florence, Italy this coming fall, I didn’t expect to be so sad to leave New Orleans, even if it’s just for a few months. Before I leave for the summer, I have composed a personal bucket list of the things I want to do during my last couple of months in New Orleans. Although I have done some of these before, others are brand new. My only goal is to leave New Orleans knowing that I’ve spent my time doing the things that I love most. So if you’re leaving the Crescent City soon like me, or just want some new activities, this list is for you. 

1. Spend a Sunday at The Drifter

When the weather starts to heat up, nothing feels better than lounging by the pool on a lazy Sunday. The pool at The Drifter Hotel on Tulane Avenue is my favorite place to relax and have fun with my friends. It’s also perfect to get an Insta-worthy picture on the hotel’s iconic pink turf.

2. Take a Road Trip to Baton Rouge

Since coming to New Orleans, I’ve never taken a trip up to Baton Rouge. It’s only an hour and a half away and features great restaurants and cute boutiques. It’s been easy to stay isolated in the “Tulane Bubble” and I have not yet ventured outside of New Orleans. One weekend, I plan on driving up to Baton Rouge with my friends and checking out what Garth Brooks has been singing about.

 3. Get a Burger at Port of Call

Everyone’s been raving about what’s been consistently voted the Best Burger in New Orleans. However, I’ve never been to Port of Call, a small neighborhood restaurant located in the French Quarter. The combination of amazing food, cocktails, and a jukebox make the dive a staple in New Orleans, so I know I have to go before the semester ends.

4. Go to Studio BE.

Studio BE, located at an abandoned warehouse in the Bywater, features amazing art and is a must-see for everyone living in New Orleans. It features pieces that speak to Black history and Hurricane Katrina, making it a relevant cultural experience for all. The art studio showcases extremely important aspects of New Orleans culture, so I would love to visit before I leave the city.

5. Dinner at The Fly.

I know this is pretty basic at this point, but some of my best memories at Tulane have been at the Fly. Before I say goodbye to my friends and New Orleans, I want to watch a few more sunsets at the Fly in Audubon Park. Nothing has made me happier than the afternoons sitting with my friends and ordering Postmates while we chat by the river. This weekly tradition of Friday nights at the Fly is one that I’ll miss the most while abroad. 

Over the past two years, New Orleans has become my home. Moving across the world will be a huge change, but I can’t wait to see what Florence has to offer. The places and activities on my bucket list are just a few of the things I’ll miss about the city, but I’m comforted to know that they’ll be waiting for me when I come back home.

COVER PHOTO: Rachel Wine


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