Every year around February 14th, thoughts about love and the current state of your relationship status flood in. As you emerge from the sugary sweet candy-coma of another Valentine’s Day, you might be feeling a little discouraged. Perhaps you tapped through just one too many Instagram stories of heart-eyed couples professing their match-made-in-heaven stories that have somehow endured the rollercoaster of college life. Overwhelmed by the Valentine’s day rush or underwhelmed by your love life in its current state, it’s natural to want to write off love all together, accepting with finality that you will not find the love of your life in college. The truth is that while you may not meet your soulmate in your short undergraduate years, there is hope, because you will find the love of your life.

On an airplane flying to Croatia, Copenhagen, or Sydney, you might find your heart is about to burst with love of travel and discovering new places, eating delicious food, and forming connections with people you meet along the way.

On a streetcar riding up and down St. Charles, you might find love in the grand architecture of the mansions, change your major to architecture, and find fulfillment in pursuing the goal of crafting homes for people. You may spend a late night writing, creating, or composing something that you love and were inspired to make. Or you may take a class with a simple lecture that changed your perspective and shaped your future.

Love can be found in the things you look forward to every day; whether it’s a night in with your best friends, going to get beignets at Cafe du Monde, listening to music at a new venue, or just having a really good workout. Each simple and seemingly small thing will add up, and you will know that you have found the love of your life in discovering exactly the way you want to live your life. It could be traveling, it could be creating, it could be finding what you love to do and pursuing those future goals you know are meant for you.

The pressure to find, meet, fall in love with, and marry your college sweetheart may not unfold exactly as it does in the movies. Ultimately, whether you walk down the aisle on your wedding day with someone you met in college or someone you met in the grocery store, you will know that everything worked out in the way it was meant to.

You might be in love with your major, your future, your sport, your school, your goals, your travels, or you might be lucky enough to find your person, but either way, you will find the love of your life in college. The love of your life in college does not have to be another person. The love of your life can be the person you are becoming; the person that you always wanted to be.


About Katy Brosnan

Katy Brosnan is a junior from Reno, Nevada. She is a Communications and Psychology double major who enjoys running and going to music festivals.