Come for the acai bowls, stay for the vibrant aura. You may have seen pictures of Raw Republic’s colorful and delicious bowls, or have walked by them on your way to Ashley Longshore. At first glance, it appears to be just a small juice shop, but take a step inside and you will be immersed in a health haven.

Raw Republic has an organic menu with a ton of grab and go options, as well as made-to-order food and drinks. There are juices, smoothies, toasts, wraps, and more. All of the items served are packed with nourishing ingredients that will satisfy your cravings and fuel your body. 

You can truly taste the rainbow, but instead of sugary skittles, the rainbow is composed of green juice, a yellow lemon shot, a blueberry bliss smoothie, a pink grapefruit juice, or an orange turmeric latte. Eat a range of beautiful bright colors to feel bold and energized.  


My personal favorite smoothie is The Levitation, which is a mocha coffee flavored smoothie made with coffee, banana, dates, and cacao. This smoothie is full of natural sweetness, with a kick of caffeine. If you thought PB&J wasn’t part of a healthy lifestyle, think again.  

There is also a food option that will fulfill your memories of the triangle-shaped sandwiches in your lunch box (cut-off crust, of course). The PB&J toast at Raw Republic is made with pecan nut butter that is made in-house, with berry chia jam. On behalf of all the PB&J lovers like me who need that craving satisfied, thank you for this clean and crunchable option. I can go on about all the delicious menu items, but go see for yourself!

Not only can the food and drinks make you feel great on the inside; walk up the stairs to check out the “Vibrant Market” for some clean beauty products to feel radiant on the outside as well. The products are all natural and made with zero toxic ingredients. You can find makeup, hair, and skincare products. There are also products and supplements to promote beauty and wellness from the inside out.  


Upstairs you can also find “The Space” at Raw Republic. You can book an appointment for services such as acupuncture, reiki energy healing, massages, facials, and meditation. These quality services are all a good part of self-care and healing the body naturally and holistically. 

Along with the great services and products offered upstairs, you can just hang out up there to enjoy your food in a calm and cool atmosphere. Whether you need a refreshing smoothie after a stroll in the New Orleans heat, or a message to de-stress from finals season, this is the perfect place. You will definitely not be disappointed and will leave feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.  


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