On college campuses all around the country, many students are entering new roles as brand campus ambassadors. While brand ambassadors are not an entirely new thing, the partnership between college students and companies has been on the rise at a faster pace than ever, and Tulane’s campus is no exception. Rent the Runway, Bumble, and other popular organizations among younger generations are all clamoring to be represented on campus, and their giveaway events make captivating students an easy task.  Yet there is a lot of mystery surrounding how these jobs appear and how they are claimed, not to mention what the job actually entails.

After talking to a student who serves as a campusambassador for a local coffee brand in Louisiana, I got some illuminating revelationsabout this position. In line with how many of today’s opportunities are found,an Instagram ad sent by a friend put this student onto the application process.Similarly, although this is very much a real job, most of the communicationbetween the coffee company and the ambassador is done online. They have a phonemeeting every other week. The meeting is conference style, held with the otherambassadors and their supervisor. They are each expected to hold 2-3 giveawayevents to pass out samples per semester in order to market the coffee, give thecompany visibility, and get students to try out new products. On top of all ofthis, each student ambassador is expected to make 2 static (regular) posts and2 story posts on Instagram based on certain guidelines and expectations.

Another student discussed their experience working as a Yerba Mate campus ambassador. They got the job from emailing Yerba Mate directly, and then filling out an application form that they received in return. After having their application reviewed, they were invited to interview over video chat, speaking with a company representative. As a Yerba Mate campus ambassador, their job is to share the product and spread the company’s mission. Essentially, they fill out a form online requesting to bring Yerba Mate products to an event, and once approved, getting the supplies and handing them out. They must post about the event in the Yerba Mate Slack stream, citing this as a benefit as they do not have to post anything on their own personal social media to do this work.

Being a campus ambassador is a great way to get job experience as a college student, with the ability to get professional development and work in marketing, public relations, and social media management- not to mention the development of your event-planning and interpersonal skill set. There are growing openings to these positions nowadays, with companies like Starbucks, Lyft, Soulcycle, Insomnia Cookies and more offering positions across different campuses. Consider keeping an eye out for them!

Cover Photo: Rachel Wine

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