As a first year student at Tulane, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of clubs and student organizations available to you. However, with a few short tips you can easily find the perfect combinations of extracurricular activities for you. While I am sure there were clubs that you were a part of in high school, things work a bit differently in college. Try to use this time to try new things and branch out a little bit. In addition, keep in mind that not everything you do needs to be connected to your major; you are allowed to do things just because they sound fun and cool!

The first step is to sign up for as many things as possible. Whether it is at the activities fair or a booth outside McAllister, give yourself no limitations and join whatever you want! After this you will find your inbox flooded with emails about meetings, but try to attend as many general body meetings as you can, as it will help you to get a better feel for the club. The next step is probably the most difficult, at some point you will need to start narrowing down and pick a few clubs that you really want to be involved in. Anyone in the club is a resource so don’t be afraid to ask some upperclassmen why they like being a part of this club and how they got involved.

When I first heard about the Crescent Magazine and saw their Instagram, I was unsure if it was right for me because I am not a Communications major and had no experience with writing outside of school. However, I learned that this club has a place for all different people regardless of what they are studying and I was welcomed with open arms! Keep an open mind, branch out, and don’t be afraid!

Cover Photo: Justin Haber


Izzy Cutler is a writer for the college life section! She is a freshman from outside of Philadelphia. She loves sushi, listening to music, and all things NOLA.