Fridays at The Fly are one of my favorite parts of Tulane student life. An unofficial tradition here, there’s nothing better than celebrating the end of the week by watching the sunset with friends on the edge of the Mississippi River. As we head down Audubon Park, here are a few things to make golden hour at The Fly even better:

Having a nice place to sit is always important. Nobody wants to sit on wet grass and end up with a stain on their pants after a relaxing afternoon.

An outdoor blanket is a great option as it’s both weather resistant and comfortable.

If you’re looking for something a little more interesting to bring with you, a tapestry is a great way to turn heads while enjoying the sunset.

Unfortunately, bringing glass wine glasses to The Fly is a no-go as they’re bound to break. But on the bright side, plastic stemless wine glasses are a must have and reusable so you can bring them every Friday.

After every Fly Day, plastic bags litter Audubon Park. Instead of using a plastic bags when getting drinks and food, opt for a reusable bag to carry your things. It’s not only cute, but it also is great for the planet.

What would a Friday at The Fly be without taking photos? After all, pics or it didn’t happen. A huge trend right now is film photography. Polaroid cameras and disposable ones like Fujifilm or Kodak are easy ways to get those cute, vintage-looking, golden hour photos.

It’s almost impossible to go to The Fly without losing your sunglasses. It’s happened to me, and it’ll probably happen to you at some point. That is, unless you cop some cute sunglasses chains to save your sunnies. Mindful Beads, designed by Tulane student Gillian Halper, is a handmade jewelry company that makes these beautiful chains that you will definitely need this year.

If you are bringing a bottle of wine, you can’t forget a bottle opener. Enough said.

Music is what makes sunset at Audubon Park. There’s nothing better than jamming to your favorite playlist while sitting back and enjoying the view with your friends. Small, portable, wireless speakers are perfect for those evenings that call for the best soundtrack.

Spending a Friday at The Fly is one of the best ways to start the weekend. In the haste to make it in time for the sunset, we often forget the things we need most to enjoy our time on the Mississippi. With these must-haves, you can make the most of your time at one of Tulane’s students’ most cherished weekend getaways.


About Katie Devlin

An International Relations major from Connecticut, Katie Devlin writes for our College Life section. She enjoys photography, yoga, and traveling.