This past semester Ilana Seidl, a senior at Tulane University, had the brilliant idea to start a newsletter that aims to make the topic of money less uncomfortable and easier to understand for all; she dubbed it The Root. A Psychology and Computer Science double major, Ilana not only aspires to better the Tulane community by educating us on finance (an often challenging and misunderstood concept) but also spent her summer working at a biotech sustainability company in Tel Aviv. And if that alone doesn’t tell you she’s pretty cool, then I don’t know what will.

Every Monday, The Root emails out a three-part newsletter. The first part provides readers with financial tips, which are determined based on the feedback given by subscribers from previous weeks. Ilana prioritizes the feedback of readers and dreams to eventually create a product based on data gathered from The Root’s users about their financial fears and intentions. The next section provides one sentence summaries of the top news stories and explains their importance to readers. The third section highlights inspirational projects that align with the values of The Root, such as collaboration and empowerment. Ilana wanted to ensure that the newsletter didn’t overwhelm or bore readers, so at the bottom you can find fun suggestions for podcasts and movies.

Ilana was eager to shut down the concept that in order to be financially literate, you must be a finance major or passionate about the stock market. “You don’t need to be a doctor to understand health,” she explained, “You don’t need to be a physical trainer to go for a walk in the park to take care of yourself.” She believes financial literacy is empowering because with money comes options. Learning about finances at a young age, primarily educating yourself on how to save, can increase independence and create better opportunities for future success. These lessons can be especially useful for women, so The Root aims to help readers navigate the power and choice that often accompany financial independence.

Ilana is passionate about leveling the playing field, particularly ensuring that all citizens are given equal access to the opportunities that allow us to grow as financial beings. As history has proven, it is much easier to succeed when you have the resources to do so.

If Ilana’s call to action resonates with you, apply to be a brand ambassador! She wants to hear your financial goals. She wants to know what worries you about money. She wants to help, so let her! Take the first step towards financial wellness and sign up for The Root newsletter.

Cover Photo: Justin Haber

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