Summer is a great time to self-reflect, self-evaluate, and try new things. But instead of obsessing over the perfect beach body, look for holistically healthy options instead; we’re talking mind, body, and soul! Check out our list of tips and tricks to make this a summer one of growth and transformation.

Try a new eating regimen.

Who wants to diet during the summer, when all the best foods are available? Instead of focusing on eating less, try to be conscious of what you’re eating, and the proportions of food groups.

Check out Euphebe Healthcare! This 7-day or 24-day eating plan focuses on nutrient-rich, plant-based, whole grain meals with tons of other benefits! The plan also offers daily tracking through an app and 24/7 support from a real-life wellness coach to keep you on track.

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Head to a farmer’s market for organic fruits and veggies. The summer is easily the best time to find the best produce. Fruits are great sources of natural sugars and not to mention nature’s candy! They’ll help you curve your sweet-treat cravings. Veggies are an important source of nutrients and vitamins, and side salads are a great addition to lunches and dinners.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

We get it: the perfect tan is a rite of passage for the summer. But it’s not worth the risk of skin cancer, wrinkles, and tone discoloration (plus you can still get that glow with the proper protection). We’ve put together a couple of the best, and don’t worry, lightweight skincare products to guard you all summer long.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen is super lightweight and doesn’t leave that uncomfortable oil residue everyone hates.

Alba Sun Stick is made with natural ingredients and is super easy to apply. Plus, it doesn’t mess up your makeup! Perfect for day-to-day use.

Sometimes we forget that our lips can get sunburnt too, but anyone who’s suffered through it knows it’s not worth it. Try this Kiehl’s Lip Treatment with 25 SPF for a little color pop and the necessary sun protection.

Find a favorite fitness blogger and learn a new workout routine.

Is working out the worst? Possibly. Can it be fun if you find the right routine and spend time outdoors in the beautiful summer weather? Definitely. Here are some of our favorite fitness bloggers, and their respective workouts that we actually enjoy.

Tammy Hembrow is serious goals. Not only is she a mother of two toddlers, but she also built her own workout clothing brand, has the most amazing dedication to eating clean and working out, is an ambassador for Good American jeans, AND has lifestyle guides tailored to anyone from the stay-at-home mom to the avid gym junkie. Although you do have to pay for her guides, check out her Instagram @TammyHembrow for some great (free) inspiration.

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Hanna Öberg (@hannahoeberg) is the booty workout queen. She doesn’t offer a workout guide, so all of her workouts are posted on her Instagram, along with descriptions of each exercise! She also posts great body positivity messages to inspire her followers to live happily AND healthily.

Summer is the perfect time to focus on your mental health, and to set goals for the school/work year.

Pacifica is my favorite mental health app at the moment. It has meditation practices for every occasion (such as falling asleep and doctors’ offices), daily health activities (like cups of water and minutes outside) to fill in every day, chat groups on relevant mental health issues to talk with other people, and goals to set and follow for yourself! It’s a great way to stay mindful and on top of mental health progress.

Take a walk at sunset for some much-needed fresh air and time to take in nature’s beauty. It sounds cheesy, but if you’re stuck in the office all day like me, it’s easy to forget how much of a difference being outside can make to your mental health. Sunset is one of the coolest times of the day, not to mention a potentially great opportunity to see an amazing view. If you have pets, try taking them on the walk with you!

From everyone at The Crescent, happy summer and see y’all in August!

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Rachel Wine is our Editor in Chief and a lover of all things New Orleans! A few of her favorite things include film photography, traveling, and finding new restaurants to try.

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Rachel Wine is our Editor in Chief and a lover of all things New Orleans! A few of her favorite things include film photography, traveling, and finding new restaurants to try.