If you’re a fan of untraditional love stories, look no further than Sally Rooney’s debut novel: “Conversations With Friends”. The story follows two young women, Frances and Bobbi, who were formerly lovers but have since become close friends. Their friendship is complicated, and only becomes more so after they meet an older couple at a poetry performance. Frances takes up an immediate flirtation with the husband, Nick, while Bobbi is infatuated with the wife.

However, Nick and Frances’s relationship quickly becomes serious, and the complications of their relationship become serious as well. The relationships between the four characters are multi-dimensional, realistic, and beautifully portrayed. Rooney does an excellent job detailing forbidden love, complicated female friendships, and admiration for an older, more successful professional. All of these complicated dynamics make for a dramatic and intriguing page-turner.

While I am a sucker for a good love story, I like my romance novels with a bit of a twist. “Conversations With Friends” is the best example of a novel that meets those expectations. The writing is raw, the relationships relatable, the emotions tangible, and the plot line is unexpected and exciting. You will no doubt be able to finish this book in less than a week.

I recommend this book for anyone who is intrigued by the complexity of relationships, like me. I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on myself whilst reading about the characters and their complicated situations. This is partially because the writing is so witty and relatable, and partially because the dynamics are super relevant.

Although the story ends with a surprising and potentially controversial ending, I gained a lot of insight from reading this novel. I hope you’ll go out and get it!

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Rachel Wine

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