The Scandinavians really seem to have it all. From the global sensation of “hygge” lifestyle, to some of the highest qualities of life, to just being genetically perfect, there is no shortage of appeal. Yet one of the most underrated aspects of Scandinavian culture, in my opinion, is their impeccable sense of style. After spending this past semester in Copenhagen, Denmark, I was floored by the street style, the original outfits from person to person, and the uniqueness of the Scandinavian look. How could such captivating fashions have evaded the American retail markets? Well, no longer. I’ve put together a list of some of my all-time favorite Scandi brands to introduce you to this long-overlooked market and hopefully spice up your wardrobe.

Mohini AiScreenshot 2018-12-24 22.19.52

Mohini Ai is a handmade jewelry business based in Copenhagen that works with imperfect pearls and gold. The creator, Frederikke Overby, is only 23 years old, and started making the earrings just four months ago. She has several styles, although my favorite is the Ai. All earrings are available for order through their email or Instagram DMs, and they ship all over the world! Not to mention the prices are totally affordable. The rawness of the pearls definitely falls in line with the simplicity of Scandinavian style and the particular modesty of Danish culture. Delicate jewelry like this goes with any outfit, especially those with a more romantic look.

MaanstenScreenshot 2018-12-24 22.41.25

The 60s are making a major comeback in Copenhagen’s style, and some of Maansten’s new pieces are a great indicator of this. Their Lotus Coral Bracelet with colorful flower charms shows off a more ~hippie vibe~ while still maintaining delicacy and simplicity.

Mads NørgaardScreenshot 2018-12-24 23.31.16

With weather comparable to the tundra, it is ALL about accessories for the cold in Scandinavia. And while this trend may not be the most applicable for NOLA winters, I have learned that there is never a bad time to wear a scarf. Danish winters can be especially dismal, with the sun setting early and the constant sub-freezing temperatures, so the more color, the better. These bright colors are very on-point with the popular hues in Copenhagen.

RudeScreenshot 2018-12-25 00.29.22

This is without a doubt my favorite trend from living in Copenhagen: hair clips. Danish women have perfected the low bun with these fun clips. I’m never going back to a hair tie! Just gather your hair at the nape of your neck, twist and fold upwards, then use the hair clip to secure the twist. It stays in place all day, and gives an air of casual sophistication. Rude has an amazing selection of clips for a great price!

ArketScreenshot 2018-12-24 23.53.45

As far as pants go, the wider the leg, the better. Danish women have embraced comfort and ditched the oppressive skinny jean. Flowy trousers and boot-cut jeans are the bottoms of choice. Another prominent trend is athletic-looking clothing that isn’t actually athletic wear. These utility pants have a sporty feel to them and can be worn perfectly with a white tee and chunky sneakers, or can also be dressed up with a pair of heeled booties and a turtleneck sweater.

Baum Und Pferdgarten

Screenshot 2018-12-25 22.01.24

Jumpsuits, particularly utility-esque jumpsuits, are a popular option in Copenhagen. I love the androgyny of this look. Also, it eliminates the morning stress of trying to put an outfit together. We may not need snowsuit jumpsuits in our NOLA winter wardrobes, but the appeal of this style remains: it’s comfortable, warm, and perfect for any occasion.

Samsøe SamsøeScreenshot 2018-12-25 22.09.25

Let me just start by saying that the Danish guys have really figured out how to dress. It’s all about the jackets and outerwear. A thick sweatshirt always does the trick. This crewneck incorporates the warmth of a jacket with the popular style of flannel for guys around Copenhagen. Unlike women, the men stick to darker colors, and garments can usually transition between more formal attire and street wear seamlessly.

No Nationality

Screenshot 2018-12-24 23.46.38

Beanies are nothing short of a style staple. Inspired by a character in the 1970s Danish TV show Huset på Christianshavn, guys (and some girls) now fold their beanies up above their ears to give them a more sailor-like look. The trend has absolutely taken over street style in Copenhagen, and is an essential key to any day-to-day outfit. To cater to this trend, brands like No Nationality have started selling shortened beanies.

Try out all of these trends to incorporate a Scandinavian touch to your wardrobe!

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Rachel Wine is our Editor in Chief and a lover of all things New Orleans! A few of her favorite things include film photography, traveling, and finding new restaurants to try.

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Rachel Wine is our Editor in Chief and a lover of all things New Orleans! A few of her favorite things include film photography, traveling, and finding new restaurants to try.