Eight games. The Saints have won eight games in a row and are the first team in NFL history to accomplish this after losing the first two games of the season. The away game at Buffalo appeared to be a potential place for the Saints to stumble and drop a game. At 5-3, playing strong defense, and being undefeated at home, the Bills were an intimidating opponent. Nonetheless, the Saints managed to win by 37 points. They played great football in all three phases of the game. By dominating the time of possession, the Saints were able to control the ball for more than twice as long as the Bills with their offense on the field for an otherworldly 41:23 of the game. This commanding position was thanks to the same combination we’ve seen throughout the winning streak: a strong ground game and a stifling defense. The Saints had 300 yards rushing and a team record of six touchdowns on the ground. After another win, in which the passing offense didn’t play a crucial role, the recent whispers that Brees was slowing down and that it was time for the Saints to move on from him intensified.

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PHOTO: Michael G. Herbert / New Orleans Saints

I was amazed at how short people’s memories had become and at how quickly they were ready to dismiss one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. The win over the Redskins should have silenced all of his doubters. The first three and half quarters of the game were frustrating to watch, with the defense resembling last year’s and the offense failing to get anything going. The Saints took possession of the ball with 5:58 left in the fourth quarter, down 31-16, in a game that looked like it was already over. In desperate straits, the Saints reverted to the one plan that they had been able to rely on the last twelve seasons: give Brees the reins.

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PHOTO: Michael G. Herbert / New Orleans Saints

The rest of the game was among the most exciting endings we have had all season. Brees went 7/7 on the first drive for 82 yards and scored a touchdown to make it a one-possession game. The defense got a game-saving stop on a third and one and put the ball back in his hands. The Saints started on their 18-yard line and drove down the field to score a touchdown in just 55 seconds. Brees went 4/4 for another 82 yards. Now only a two-point conversion away from a tie to force the game into overtime, Brees tossed the ball to Kamara who strolled in without getting touched — by that point the Redskins were too terrified of Brees to play anything other than the pass. To recap, that is two touchdowns, 100% completion percentage, 16 yards per attempt, and a perfect QBR over those last two drives.  Drew put on a clinic and reminded everyone that he is still one of the most dangerous players in the league.

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PHOTO: Michael G. Herbert / New Orleans Saints


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