It’s that time of year again: time to sweat it out at The Boot, get a great Insta at The Fly, and of course sport your best green and white at Yulman Stadium, or at least just for the tailgate ;). Whether you are a freshman questioning what to wear for all of these occasions or a senior who needs a little post-abroad refresher, here is the ultimate guide on how to rock all of your NOLA looks this back to school season. 


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Your first week of college classes can be extremely intimidating for so many reasons. One of which being the ultimate question of WHAT DO I WEAR?! I remember being a freshman and trying to find the perfect outfit that said “hey I’m kind of cool and trendy but I’m also not trying too hard??” LOL. Well, take a deep breath. Dressing for class at Tulane is very relaxed and casual. From a summery floral dress, to high waisted Levi’s and a white tee, to sweats and a sweatshirt, truly anything goes! I like to base my daily outfits off of the weather and my mood. If it’s a sunny, gorgeous day, break out those new jean shorts and your cutest tank. If it’s pouring rain and you are not feeling so hot from a Boot night, throw on a graphic tee and some colorful sweatpants, and you will feel as if you never left your bed. The one item I would say is a must have in your school wardrobe is an amazing pair of sneakers. If you look down as you are walking to class, all you will see is an endless pool of Stan Smiths, Air Force Ones, and of course the occasional Golden Gooses. Find a pair that you can wear with any of the above outfits, and you are set to look best dressed in your Intro to Psych class. 


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If I’m going to be quite honest, every Tulane girl looks the same at the Fly. Two piece sets, jeans and an off the shoulder top, a floral mini dress; I’m sure you all have seen the infamous “Fly Day” instas. Whether you want to blend in with the crowd, or add a stylish pop to the Mississippi River, here is all you need to know about compiling the perfect look. Think Reformation as your muse for these kind of looks. While Fly Day, like everything else, is totally casual, use this as an opportunity to dress up your day to day looks and embrace golden hour, NOLA style! This is the chance to whip out that new dress, romper, or midi skirt you’ve been waiting to wear. Pair it with sneakers or sandals and casual accessories like a mini backpack or crossbody and you are all set. DO NOT forget sunglasses. They complete the outfit and you will be squinting your eyes the whole time if you don’t wear them. If you want to go a more casual route, throw on jean shorts and a cute tee! And just remember, no Friday afternoon fit is complete without a bottle of Barefoot rosé. 🙂 


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Now the only thing more stressful than figuring out your first day of school outfit is figuring out what to wear on your first night out. Ahhhh, the things I would do to go back to my first Boot night. But don’t freak out. Just like going to class, the going out scene is pretty casual when it comes to wardrobe. Black bodysuits and denim bottoms are the typical uniform on a Friday night. While this is definitely the easiest way to go, and in most cases the most flattering outfit choice, don’t be afraid to step outside the box and try out some more fun looks. You are living it up in NOLA after all :). Trade the black bodysuit for a colorful one, and switch out your jean shorts with a bodycon dress every once in a while (especially if you want to dress up a bit for your Thursday night at F&Ms). I promise you, these outfit choices will brighten your night and help you embrace the colorful nature of our fabulous city. Funk up your looks with cool jewelry, belts, and hair accessories for an extra pop; think barrettes and big hoops. Two things to always keep in mind about nightlife in NOLA: comfort and humidity. First off, you are going to be moving and dancing, so don’t wear a top you can’t lift your arms in. Secondly and most importantly, it is going to be HOTTTTTTTTT. Stay away from heavy fabrics and long sleeves (at least for the first couple months). Once again, sneakers are usually the go to to pair with these looks: comfy and casual. If you are feeling yourself, throw on a pair of heeled booties! Just remember that your shoes will get trashed, so don’t wear anything you don’t want covered in the strange dirt that covers the floor of 828. These are some looks I’m excited to rock this syllabus week.


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Now we all know that we did not choose Tulane for their sports team, but does that really stop us from putting on a fabulous outfit to sport on a Saturday tailgate? Absolutely not. Just because our athletics might not be the best, our game day clothes should never settle. I absolutely love the creativity that can go into the perfect tailgate look. From head to toe, there are so many fun accessories you can add to show just how much you love the Green Wave. Yet again, many tailgate looks are casual. If you are not the most extra (like me, whoooops), pair your favorite jean shorts with a cropped Tulane tee from the book store with your circle Ray Bans, and you are all set. BUT, if you want to test the limits this football season, there are so many fun pieces to add to your wardrobe. First things first, get a green cheerleader skirt. There is nothing cuter than this preppy look. My second favorite is overalls. You cannot go wrong with denim, white, green, etc. Throw a “ROLL WAVE” bandeau under, braid your hair, and throw on a face tattoo or a some gems. Nailed it.  Another fun way to embrace both the current trends and the spirit of NOLA is with some good old fashioned tie dye. Order a kit on Amazon and throw some green die on literally any item, whether it says Tulane or not; you will be sure to have a unique, one of a kind look. Do it with your friends! Not only is it a fun bonding activity, but you will create a bunch of amazing items that you can all share as the season goes on!!! And last but not least, accessorizing is KEY. Whether you want to add to your already fabulous look, or save some $$$ on a full outfit by focusing on the little things, there are TONS of fun items to try. Green sunglasses of some sort are a must. Be one with the trends and rock some green and white clips or scrunchies in you hair. Throw on some Tulane socks with your Air Force Ones for a pop of spirit. And last but certainly not least, add some sparkle…EVERYWHERE. You will soon come to learn the importance of glitter at our school, so start strong with some green Unicorn Snot and you are basically a pro. 


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Be prepared, darty season is upon us. Grab your best bikini, the pair of shoes you care about LEAST (they will be filthy by the end of the day), a bottle of Andre, and you are ready to go. Get ready for some of the most fun and crazy times at Tulane. For the first few weekends fraternities will host what I like to call “bathing suit darties.” Now I say this to inform and educate you because I had no idea as a freshman what I was supposed to wear to these events. Now I know to always bring my favorite swimsuits back to school so I can rock them at these darties! Pair that perfect bikini top with high waisted jean shorts or be bold and show off your “hot girl summer” bod in just a one piece. Many people wear their designated going out sneakers, but I would also recommend flip flops so you can easily clean them. I like to accessorize with fun sunglasses, but definitely don’t wear anything too valuable. Not kidding, someone posted about a lost Cartier bracelet in the Tulane Class of 2020 Facebook page after a wild Slip n Slide darty last year, RIP. If you don’t feel your best in a bathing suit, do not stress! Replace it with a cute crop top and you will still fit right in. Remember, be safe and confident and don’t forget your midday slice of Boot pizza (best accessory ever). 

Hope these tips help you to look and feel your best at all of the exciting events Tulane and NOLA have to offer!!! Go rock it ladies! 

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Cover Photo: Sophie Cohen
Article Photos: Rachel Wine

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