With spring break coming up and midterms coming to an end, the last thing us Tulane students want to do is think about our “bad drinking habits”. But, I think it’s important, especially considering the effect that the culture of New Orleans and Tulane has on our life habits as students.

It’s true that this is the stage in our lives where it’s ok and totally normal to enjoy partying. We’re in a weird place where we are on our way to becoming adults and expected to be doing “adult” things, but at the same time, we are still wild kids who just want to have fun. It’s the first time we are living without our parents and don’t have to get permission to go out three days in a row if we really want to. We’re surrounded by new people and places, and sometimes it seems hard to say no to the opportunities that come our way, especially if they involve a fun night at the Boot. Although we should enjoy every minute of our college years, it’s important to snap back to reality sometimes.

Think about all of your recent drinking escapades, for example, Mardi Gras, a few weeks ago. Yes, this festival is New Orlean’s biggest reason to celebrate, but we also have to realize the fact that drinking heavily for a week straight is a little bit crazy and not at all normal. I’m not trying to be a party pooper; I for one am just as caught up in this lifestyle as any other Tulane student. I am the absolute queen of FOMO and will never say no to any party. But, I’ve recently been overwhelmed with the constant pressures of going to a top party school.

It can be hard to escape the party scene when it’s such a huge part of your surroundings. We need to remember that there is ALWAYS going to be another frat party, ALWAYS going to be another boot night, and ALWAYS going to be another bar on Frenchman to get drinks at. All the fun that Tulane has to offer is never going to go away. We have to understand that we can’t do everything every single week/weekend for our own physical health, sanity, and well-being. The job I recently got hired for has certain obligations that have forced me to realize I have to be ok with missing out on things. I now see that if I’m tired after a long shift on a Saturday and don’t feel like going out that I can absolutely do that without feeling like I missed anything crucial.

Continue to enjoy the best years of your life in the best city. But, make sure that drinking isn’t the only reason you love Tulane. NOLA has so much to offer to us, and we should get to enjoy every single aspect of it, not just the alcoholic beverages.

COVER PHOTO: Sabrina Kogut

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