As the cold of Winter quickly approaches, my motivation to put on a cute outfit each morning gets smaller and smaller. All I want to do is throw on fuzzy socks, sweatpants, and a cozy sweater and stay in bed all day. We all experience this seasonal laziness from time to time, but this winter’s exciting trends can help us all to get out of our cold weather slumps. From winter whites to glitter galore to trendy puffers, check out these fun, fabulous looks to try this season!


The common assumption that white is a fashion DISASTER after labor-day is no longer true. Bring a winter wonderland spin to your wardrobe by wearing all the whites this season. Not only does this color match with the weather, but it can also be a great pop of brightness in your sometimes-dreary winter outfits. Pair a white fuzzy sweater with jeans, a trench coat, and boots for a walk down Magazine, or white flowy pants with a cool leather jacket and sneakers for class. This elegant, classic color will elevate your winter wardrobe and make you stand out from the crowds of black leggings and sweatshirts.


Don’t wait till New Year’s Eve this holiday season to break out the sparkles. Incorporate them into your every-day wardrobe. Every type of item of clothing is being shown in sequins and glitter galore this year. From pants to jackets to bodysuits to dresses, this shiny style can be worked into any outfit. Find a fun, sparkly blazer to wear out with a crop top and jeans. Trade out your endless black bodysuits with a silver one! This trend can be scary for more minimal dressers to try, so if you are hesitant of bedazzling your winter wardrobe, start small. Look for a graphic tee with shimmery lettering or accessories like headbands, scarves, and shoes with a bit of sparkle.


One of my least favorite parts of the cold weather has always been the fact that I have to cover up my cute outfits with a jacket. A puffy coat has never been my idea of fashion, but this season puffers are IN and come in so many amazing styles, colors, and textures. Instead of thinking of your winter coat as an item you are quickly going to take off, think of it as an item you can’t wait to put on. Wear your fun puffer every day for class with jeans and sneaks, or even make it a statement piece by pairing it with a cool dress and some tights. Don’t be afraid to wear these coats in bold, bright colors or even metallics. They are meant to be fun and add a huge pop to your winter look.


We all get a little lazy (and not to mention start craving more sweets) during the winter time. Whether you’re too cold to walk to the gym or too easily entranced by those warm cookies your roommates made, we could all use a little extra fabric to cover up our not so hot winter bods. This season buy your sweaters, coats, and even pants one size too big because oversized outfits are all the hype. Wear a big fur coat with jeans and boots to look glam and fabulous. Throw on an oversized sweater with boyfriend jeans for a chic, yet comfy look to class. The oversized look not only fits well with the weather and mood of the season, but can also make you look very high-fashion and add an interesting twist to your looks. Also, mix and match big with small for going out outfits by pairing a tight top with baggy jeans or a short leather skirt with an oversized off the shoulder sweater.

Don’t think of this chilly season as a time to get lazy with your wardrobe. Try out at least one of these trends and have fun with all the fab winter clothing available!


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