Once you finish certain TV shows, you’re done for good. Others, however, can be revisited time and time again, never failing to bring you the joy you felt the first time watching them. In other words, some TV shows are truly TIMELESS—able to be watched, shared, and experienced all the way through as many times as you can count. In my opinion, as an avid Netflix binge-watcher, these are the most timeless TV series of our generation. What unites them is not just their clever scripts and incredible acting, but their relatability and the lessons they teach as well.


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The Office is a nine-season series chock-full of offensive jokes, deadpan humor, and a variety of cringe-worthy and (somewhat) tender moments. Though some may find it unexciting or dull, a majority of its viewers find it to be one of the best comedy TV series of all time. The office relates directly to college students and mid 20-year-olds because of its apt characterization of the awkward office building dynamic. From crushes on the receptionist, those annoying coworkers who kiss-up to the boss, and an uncomfortable office party for every occasion, the office portrays how someone may feel walking into their first job, and adults can enjoy the show by reminiscing on their current or past office experiences. The Office also teaches the value of sincere friendships and aims to make people see the best in everyone, despite their differences.


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Every friend group wants what Rachel, Monica, Ross, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe have. The ten-season comedy tells the story of six best friends living in New York City experiencing all of life’s most significant milestones together—from career changes, to marriages, to having children, and so much more. Chandler’s constant self-deprecating jokes make him the brutally honest and tough friend who always gives you a hard time. Monica and Ross are the friends everyone complains about, but knows they could never live without. Rachel is the friend who’s constantly down for a heart-to-heart and Joey and Phoebe are the easy-going, entertaining, lovable friends of the group. Everyone sees a little bit of themselves and a little bit of their friends within the characters which makes them all crucial parts of the show.


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This mockumentary style show, made by the co-creator of Seinfeld, is another dry humor series based on interactions Larry David has with others in Los Angeles, California. Most of the plots revolve around his inability to accept social standards and his common misunderstanding of other people’s behavior.  However, he doesn’t just brush these things off.  Instead, he’s constantly compelled to express these annoyances, which leads to hilarious confrontations and outbursts. The show’s constant theme of David experiencing extremely complex miscommunications provides a great deal of humor which a wide range of ages can understand. This show took a long hiatus after September 2011, but returned in 2017 and has another season planned for 2018. The show is just as funny as ever, and the fact that it can come back so strongly from a six year gap proves its unique timelessness.

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Ella Swimmer is a senior from Santa Monica, CA. This adventurous Economics major spends her time dancing to hip-hop, practicing yoga, bingeing music and traveling.

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Ella Swimmer is a senior from Santa Monica, CA. This adventurous Economics major spends her time dancing to hip-hop, practicing yoga, bingeing music and traveling.