After nine months of absence, Kylie Jenner shook social media with a picture of her new baby girl, but more importantly, her new makeup collection! The Weather Collection, inspired by her baby Stormi, is a unique collection in its products and its packaging. Encased in a dark blue box with lightning bolts covering the surface, this collection is fittingly packaged with a stormy weather aesthetic.

The Weather Collection features two eyeshadow palettes, three matte lipsticks, one lip gloss, four glitter/cream eyeshadows, a loose highlighting powder, a highlighting palette, and a yellow gel eyeliner. You can buy the entire collection for a hefty $280 or purchase each item individually. Since I have not been able to get my hands on the products, I’m relying on some popular beauty gurus to give you the tea on these products.

The Products:

1. “Calm Before the Storm” and “Eye of the Storm” Kyshadow Palettes ($40)

Popular YouTube beauty guru MannyMUA is known for his honest reviews of makeup products. He describes these eyeshadow palettes, which retail at $40 for ten shades of eyeshadow, as a little pricey. However, her normal Kyshadow palettes retail at $45 for 9 shades of eyeshadow. Howeverrrr, you do get less product in the Weather Collection palettes, so up to you if you think you’re getting a deal.

Manny describes these matte shades as really buttery, meaning they glide on smoothly, and having good color payoff. He thought the shimmery colors were a little too much of a chunky glitter for his personal taste and noticed that the colors turned up lighter on his skin than they looked in the palette, which he was not a fan of.

Another popular YouTube beauty guru, Nicol Concilio, gave a demonstration and review of this collection as well. She was very pleased with the eyeshadows, describing them as blending nicely together. She also liked how you can build the intensity of the matte colors, meaning they weren’t too pigmented that you would immediately end up with a black eye by dipping your brush into the dark gray once.

2. “Nightfall,” “Cosmic Matte,” and “Nova Matte” Lipsticks ($18)

Overall, Manny thought these lipsticks were really nice. He thought the price was classic for a lipstick, compared to other popular brands like MAC, they were very pigmented and felt really comfortable on the lips.

Nicol was extremely impressed by the pigmentation of these lipsticks and, as Manny said, they felt very comfortable on the lips.

3. “Twinkle Twinkle/Superstar” and “Violet Moon/Destiny” Glitter Eyes ($40)

This product is marketed as a liquid glitter eyeshadow, however, Manny felt they were more of a really pigmented cream eyeshadow, not so much a glitter. He compared this product to the very popular Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow, which is more of a glitter than he thought these were. However, the Stila product retails at $24 each and you get less product than the Kylie ones, which end up being $20 each, although you can only buy them in a pair at the moment.

Agreeing with Manny that this product was more of a liquid eyeshadow, Nicol was very impressed with the color payoff, describing them as “hella pigmented.”

4. “Flash” Lipgloss ($16)


Safe to say that Manny was shook by this product. He described this gloss as “crazy beautiful” and a very fair price.

Similar to Manny, Nicol was blown away by this product, especially by the subtle gold and purple reflects when the gloss hit the light right.

5. Yellow Eyeliner Pot ($14)


Manny described this liner as really creamy and gliding on nicely, but not the brightest eyeliner he’s ever used. However, for the reasonable price, and knowing how difficult yellow is to create in the makeup world, it was a pretty good product.

Nicol didn’t use this product as intensely in her look, however she liked how it acted as a nice base to put a yellow eyeshadow on top. Similar to Manny’s reaction, she wasn’t shook by this product but was not disappointed.

6. “Lighting Bolt” Ultra Glow ($14)


As Manny is a fairly pale guy, he described this loose highlighter as a little too yellow for his complexion. But the formula was very nice and pigmented, not too powdery, and the color is meant to be a yellow-ish gold.

Nicol also thought this product was a little too yellow for the look she was going for but was still very impressed with the pigmentation.

7. Highlighter Palette ($44)


If you love watching people get hype over beauty products, you need to see Manny’s reaction to this palette. He was very impressed with these highlighters, describing them as “gnarly” and himself as “floored.” He was shook by the pigment levels and how good they felt. The two middle colors in the palette he described as having a more foiled finish, meaning they appear more metallic. The outside colors he described as more of a powdery finish, and not as reflective.

Again, if you want to experience someone’s joy from a makeup product, watch Nicol’s video. She was shook. She thought this was one of the most blinding highlighters she’s ever tried and that this was her new favorite highlighter palette.


All in all, the takeaways from both these reviews were that the highlighter palette was clearly the winner in this collection, the lipsticks came in a close second, and the lip gloss in a humble third. Kylie’s newest endeavor seems to be faring well in the makeup world, and I can’t wait to try it myself.

If you want to see their reactions in real time, you can check out Manny and Nicol’s videos here:

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