Colder days means a harder time getting out of bed. Who wants to leave the nice, warm, comfort of their furry blanket cocoon? I certainly don’t, especially on days when I have a 9 am and it’s 40 degrees outside. Okay, 40 degrees doesn’t sound THAT horrible, but I came to New Orleans with a silly idea that it would be 70 and sunny all winter long and I was definitely wrong. All I want to do when I drag myself out of bed is put on a nice fuzzy pair of sweats and a sweatshirt. Here are my top picks of brands for comfy clothes that will take you from bed to class in style.

1. Vintage Havana

Vintage Havana is one of my favorite brands for sweatpants and sweatshirts. They have fun patterns and currently most of their apparel has a stripe down the side, which is very in this fall/winter season. Their clothing is reasonably priced and also makes for the perfect holiday gift. Make sure you check out their sweat sets.

2. Splendid

I don’t know what an article about the trendiest sweatpants this fall would be without the infamous camouflage sweat. But, in addition to all of these fun patterns, I think you must own some solid pairs as well to create more simple looks. Splendid has cute waffle cropped sweaters and other solids that look cozy and cute.

3. Sundry

Want a sweatshirt or sweatpants that just pops? Try the white stars against the black, or the rainbow colors against the neon, and heighten your look with color! Sundry has some tighter options if you ever want to change up the baggy, oversized look. Here are their sweats.

4. N:Philanthropy

If you want to make less of a statement with your sweats, N:philanthropy has you covered. Their black or grey distressed sweats go well with a graphic tee. Their black sweats with stars are the perfect combination of fun and subtle, and I love them paired with a white cropped tee. You can easily show all things N:philanthropy on Revolve!

I know it is hard to pick an outfit out when you’d rather slumber than style, so I hope these sweats help make the morning a little easier!

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