With summer coming to an end and natural glows quickly fading away, it’s natural to panic a little bit. We believe that a tan (a healthy, natural-looking one) is the best accessory. With darty season never ending, and Voodoo quickly approaching, we set off to find the best spray tans in Nola.

Time and time again, we encountered the same problem. We found great spray tans throughout the city, but none were within walking distance. Uptown Charm, a cute boutique on Magazine, offers spray tans for $55 plus $12 each way in Uber fare. We knew if we were going to maintain our glow this fall we needed to find a cheaper and more convenient solution.

One day, we were discussing our fading tans with a sophomore who quickly told us about her friends in Irby who run a spray tan business out of their bathroom. We were instantly overjoyed to hear of this company that would perfectly solve our spray tan dilemma. No more expensive ubers and only $25 for a tan ($20 for groups of five or more). Could this be too good to be true?

Of course, we immediately reached out to the girls running the company, Bryn Close and Charlotte Elliott, and booked our tans. They were very flexible and had many time options. On the day of our spray tan we went to Irby (only a five minute walk from our dorm!) and the tan took about fifteen minutes to apply. We were both so happy with the color and consistency of our tans. The tan faded evenly and naturally over the course of five to seven days.

We wanted to share our experience with you, because not many people know about this amazing spray tan company that we have on our very own campus. We sat down and talked to the women running the company.


Q: How did this company start?

A: The company actually belongs to our bigs, Gabby Proeh and Orli Cole. They started this business two years ago when they were freshmen in Sharp and then continued spraying out of Irby their sophomore year. They experimented with different products and methods until they figured out what works best. Since they are both abroad this semester, they asked us if we would be interested in taking over for them while they were gone and obviously we said yes! They started training us last semester and here we are now.

Q: What are the pros and cons to having your own business on campus?

A: It is super easy and flexible and honestly really fun. It’s nice to be able to schedule the spray tans around our individual schedules and work during the times that are convenient for us. I think one con would be that we definitely don’t have the ideal space to set up the tent and lay out our materials, but we make it work and spraying out of our dorm is what makes it convenient for both us and our customers.

Q: What tanning solution do you use? Is it natural, organic, and healthy?

A: We use a paraben-free, vegan, and natural solution that is not sticky nor smelly. It was super important to Orli and Gabby to find a healthy and natural solution. We’re very happy with it and the way it looks on our customers.

Q: How should students reach out to you to book the tans?

A: You can Facebook message us, text us, snap us…really anything! We had some of our freshman friends post about it in their Facebook group with our names and numbers. Just shoot us a text and we’ll be happy to book you.

Q: Do you have any advice for students getting a spray tan for the first time?

A: In terms of prep before your spray tan: shave and exfoliate the morning of or the day before (not too close to your appointment!) to ensure that the spray lasts as long as possible and don’t wear moisturizer or deodorant to your appointment. Don’t be scared if it’s your first one! We can start with a light layer and build up—whatever makes you comfortable.

Eager to book your appointment? If you want to keep your glow in the crescent city as badly as we do contact Bryn at (203) 644- 4294 or Charlotte at (917) 767- 2837.  Ready, set, tan!


About Jessica Ravitch

A freshman from outside of DC, Jessica loves all things fashion. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and going to spin classes.

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A freshman from outside of DC, Jessica loves all things fashion. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and going to spin classes.