Over break, I was driving home from the airport with my family at 6:45 a.m. I struggled to keep my eyes open, which were heavy from the red-eye flight I couldn’t fall asleep on. My body was tired, but I was inexplicably energized up by the sight of the beautiful sky in front of me. The horizon was bursting with oranges, reds, and pinks. My mom then pointed out that we were supposed to see the sun rise at least once a year.

“According to what?” I asked her.

She replied “Life’s Little Instruction Book.”

Amused, I later searched online and found the beautiful poem she described. I found that I resonated with all of the lines, though some of my favorite are: “Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know” and “Have a firm handshake”. You can read the entire poem here.

I was inspired to make a version of the poem specific to life at Tulane. This isn’t meant to be an epic bucket list, just simple things that I’m going to make sure I do this spring. I hope everyone had a great break and is excited for next semester in Nola 🙂

Tulane’s Little Instructions

Make a new friend in class

Smile at the tablers on McAlister

Walk to class without headphones once a week

Tip your Uber/Postmates

Sit outside when it’s 70 degrees in winter

Exercise at least once a week

Try new restaurants

Thank your professors

Cherish your roommates

Care for your room

Hold the door for everyone

Respond to texts

Join a club you truly care about

Don’t be afraid of failure

Ask for advice

Give advice

Keep in touch with your home friends

Go to Audubon Park

Read a book for fun

Eat Boot pizza

Cheer on the Green Wave

Live in the moment

Cover Photo: Justin Haber


About Jessica Ravitch

A freshman from outside of DC, Jessica loves all things fashion. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and going to spin classes.