Have you ever woken up with such a nasty hangover that it feels as though your face has puffed up ten times its normal amount? Or spent too many hours in Howie T. to the point that even under-eye concealer can’t hide the effect that your late nights have had on your skin? Then meet your new best friend: the jade roller! This magical little tool has been a cornerstone of Chinese medicinal and beauty practices for centuries, and the gorgeous jade it’s made out of serves more than just looks. When used correctly the jade roller can have a multitude of lasting beauty effects, including (but not limited to):

  1. De-puffing & Reducing Redness


PHOTO: Huffington Post

The pictures speak for themselves! Using this little tool for two minutes every day can help immediately de-puff your skin and reduce redness. Do this after Wednesday Happy and there’s no way the professor in your Thursday morning class will know you took six Boot Bombs last night.

  1. Anti-Aging

Rolling that beautiful little jade roller across your face once a day helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. While this may not be on the forefront of your mind right now, wrinkles are real and they are coming sooner than you think. So why not prevent them as early as possible? Stay young forever! P.S. Wear a daily sunscreen PLEASE to further prevent this!

  1. Lymphatic Drainage


Apart from being the best beauty tool on the market right now, this bad boy can help improve blood flow and circulation in your face. This leads to brighter, more awake-looking skin while also having a detoxifying effect! Bye-bye excess facial fluids, hello Bella Hadid cheekbones!

PHOTO: @MinimalBeauty

  1. Product Diffusion

At its most basic level, this tool serves to help further massage your facial products into your skin. Slap any facial oil (if you’re not using these yet, you really should be—they’re the moisturizers of the future) or serum and rub it all in with your jade roller. If you use the tool in an upward motion, it helps your product diffuse into your skin which makes your expensive little bottle of product last even longer.

  1. Massaging

Last but not least, this little product helps stress-induced headaches like you don’t even know! It’s like a foam roller for your face, so it will make you feel oh-so-relaxed.

I can’t vouch for this little tool enough; it has literally changed my life. I like to keep it in the freezer or the fridge to maximize the de-puffing and de-redness effects of the jade roller. Roll it around your face, from bottom to top, once a day, once a week, once every other day, or however much you like! Thank me later.



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Sara Alice Witcher is a senior from Baton Rouge who proudly survived Swine ’09. She is a Public Health and Political Science major who enjoys boxing in her free time.