Mardi Gras: the only time of the year it’s socially acceptable to wear face glitter in public for five days in a row. But how do you avoid looking like every other basic Tulane student on the parade route? You could hunt for makeup tutorials for hours on Youtube….or you could simply scroll down to see The Crescent’s pick of the best makeup designs this carnival season AND how to do them. Spoiler alert: we love glitter.

  1. Glitter Eyeshadow


          PHOTO: Preen

An oldie but a goodie…for a reason. Anyone and everyone can rock this timeless classic. Simply do your eyeshadow like you normally would—I recommend a light color on the lid and a darker on the crease to enhance dimension. Next, apply a glitter adhesive (I recommend this one) or Chapstick to your shadowed lid. Follow this step by lightly patting any loose glitter you can find on your lid until it sticks, and voila!

  1. Glitter Lips


PHOTO: Cosmopolitan

This look is hands down the easiest application out of all the glitter styles on this list. Simply apply your favorite creamy lipstick, and lightly tap glitter onto your lips before the lipstick dries. For this look, I recommend using fine glitter (such as this) because the smaller the glitter the more likely it is to stay on all day (and night) long!

  1. Glitter Eyebrows


            PHOTO: Beautylish

This is one look that will not go unnoticed. Simply style your brows like you usually would, but make sure to dollop an extra coating of clear eyebrow gel on top. While still wet, pat on any type of loose glitter onto the brows and brush through the hair until the glitter is evenly dispersed.

  1. Glitter Roots


    PHOTO: Vogue


A personal favorite of mine, this look was new to the Mardi Gras scene last year and I don’t anticipate it leaving any time soon. Too lazy to wash your hair? Throw it up in a french braid and douse your hair in a generous amount of hairspray. Apply glitter to your roots until your whole head shines. To make the glitter really pop, spray a coat of colored hair spray to your roots first then follow with hairspray and glitter.

  1. Glitter Under Eyes
PHOTO: Free People

This one is nice for covering up your ~designer~ under eye bags and is sure to come in  handy if you decide to rally for Zulu and Rex on Mardi Gras day (post-Tequila Sunrise). Do your makeup as you normally would, and apply clear chapstick to your under eye area. Gently pat on large sequins or glitter in the area until you’re happy with the look!

Mardi Gras is hands down Tulane’s favorite holiday, so make sure to show your spirit this season with some of our favorite glitter makeup looks. Laissez les bon-temps roulez!

COVER PHOTO: City of New Orleans


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Sara Alice Witcher is a senior from Baton Rouge who proudly survived Swine ’09. She is a Public Health and Political Science major who enjoys boxing in her free time.