If you’re anything like me, the past year and a half of COVID quarantines has encouraged a newfound appreciation for hot girl walks, intense self-care check-ins, and surprisingly, podcasts. I used to think that podcasts were for old people who wanted to learn about old people things; however, after having my friends recommend that I listen to Alex Cooper spill her dating and sex life on Call Her Daddy during peak quarantine, I was hooked. And that show is so not about old people things.

At the beginning of my podcast journey, Cooper’s alternative takes on feminism and self-care were entertaining. Over time though, I realized it definitely wasn’t the daily fix of reassuring and nurturing self-love that I was looking for when my mental health needed some major attention. This isn’t to say that Queen Cooper didn’t teach me a lot, just not in the area of advice I was necessarily looking for… if you catch my drift.

From there I began to explore the wide range of content that Apple Podcasts and Spotify have to offer. I dabbled in a murder mystery podcast (Crime Junkies with Audiochuck) a healthy eating podcast (Plantbased, Not Perfect with Elizabeth Coe), and even one that spilled the tea on past presidents (Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers). These are all great shows that I highly recommend. However, like many other people, the past year and a half have spiked my interest in really taking care of my body and mind, something that I now put above all else. So when on my daily walks, instead of letting my mind wander into all the scary unknowns that COVID keeps presenting us with, I might as well help my brain out and better my ways of thinking.

Now, after doing a lot of walking and listening, I have sifted through and found some incredible podcasts so that you don’t have to. They range from exploring confidence, to stressors and anxieties, to eating habits, to relationships, and more. The following are six self-care podcasts that I highly recommend, as well as specific episodes that I find to be particularly helpful and thought-provoking. And if strolls in the park aren’t your thing, then laying outside, going on a drive, sitting on the plane, or even cleaning your room, are all perfect opportunities to stimulate your brain, challenge your thinking, and gain some insight from one of these incredible women who encourage the necessary practice of self-care.

  1. The Self Love Fix with Beatrice Kamau

Beatrice Kamau is an excellent host and wellness coach with seriously the most calming voice. In each episode she focuses on specific topics like stepping into your worth and power all while giving you the tools and advice to make necessary changes in your life. According to Kamau, “this podcast is all about helping you move from shame, people-pleasing, codependency, and low self-esteem and into alignment, expansion, and unapologetic self-love,” and I must agree that it does just that.

Favorite Episodes: Episode 68 (You are Allowed to be Your Authentic Self), Episode 72 (Embodying Your Worth), Episode 99 (Ego, Codependency, & Relationships)

  1. R.I.P Diets with Emily Lubin

As a college student, I know the anxiety that gaining the “Freshman 15” or “Tulane Ton” can put on us in our everyday lives. This podcast was a great find for someone in college in general, but is especially helpful during a worldwide pandemic when all anyone seemed to care about was coming out of quarantine “skinnier.” In this podcast, comedian Emily Lubin recalls stories of why diet culture rules are total B.S. and eating intuitively and rebelling against it really is healthy living.

Favorite Episodes: Episode 21 (The “Skinny Arm Pose”), Episode 22 (It’s Intuitive Girl Summer Y’all!), Episode 24 (Fighting Intrusive Thoughts About My Body)

  1. Unf*ck Your Brain with Kara Loewentheil

In this podcast, master-certified life coach Kara Lowentheil discusses ways in which women can demonstrate their empowerment, connect to their high-achieving life, and feel like they are more than enough. If you’re looking for a podcast that’ll challenge your social conditioning and self-critical talk while actively implementing positive change into your lifestyle, then this is the one for you.

Favorite Episodes: Episode 110 (Dating, Perfectionism, & Anxious Attachment), Episode 126 (Anxiety & Control), Episode 143 (Radical Self-Love & Self-Care)

  1. She’s Learning to Fly with Jourdyn Patterson

This podcast is the ultimate guide to self-love. Although relatively new, Jourdyn Patterson’s She’s Learning to Fly’sintellect about self-awareness, finding inner peace, and loving your body will guide you through a multitude of mental and tangible tips that benefit your daily routine. Patterson discusses mental health, relationships, food, and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. One of my favorite aspects of this podcast is that Patterson shares personal stories that show where her advice comes from. This tactic makes it much easier to break down the tools and practice them within your own life.

Favorite Episodes: Episode 3 (Your Fears Are Making You Play Small), Episode 4 (Your Path to Spiritual Wealth + Journaling Framework), Episode 7 (How to Work Through Anxiety)

  1. Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

I’ve been watching Emma’s YouTube channel since junior year of high school and while I never liked her old podcast series, I love Anything Goes. What makes this podcast different from the last is that it is so raw, basically unedited, and just Emma talking about whatever she feels like at the moment. Random thoughts, advice sessions, highs and lows of her life, are all covered in detail; nothing is off-limits. Something about it feels so intimate. Especially because Emma is now a well-known influencer, it is comforting to know that even people with so much fame and fortune still struggle too.

Favorite Episodes: gaining confidence, hobbies, acne, advice sessions

  1. Morning Rae with Lani B

Lani B is your average millennial college student who has grown to understand and appreciate all things wellness. While many of you might be the same age as her, it is inspiring and thought-provoking to listen to someone else’s morning routine, productivity techniques, and health tips and try to incorporate them into your own life in ways that work for you. Lani B is all about trial and error and figuring out how to balance wellness and college life at the same time. She also gives you a reason to be excited about Mondays, something almost every college student would typically despise.

Favorite Episodes: Episode 26 (Your Mental Health Matters & It’s Okay to Not Be Okay), Episode 33 (Hot Girls RUN), Episode 40 (Falling Back into Routine for School)

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About Alix Goldman

Alix Goldman is a writer for the College Life section of The Crescent. She is a junior majoring in Communications with minors in Environmental Studies and Public Health. In addition to The Crescent, her passions include traveling, health and wellness, fashion, and theater.

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Alix Goldman is a writer for the College Life section of The Crescent. She is a junior majoring in Communications with minors in Environmental Studies and Public Health. In addition to The Crescent, her passions include traveling, health and wellness, fashion, and theater.