We’ve all experienced the Sunday Scaries, but it is time to talk about what produces them. We drink alcohol to have fun, and having a few drinks in our system usually coincides with a nice boost of self-confidence. Unfortunately, this confidence and what you do with it can leave you with some regret in the morning as your sober self. 

After a few drinks, it can be really exciting to see that friendly face or cute guy from class. To a drunk version of yourself, it seems like a great idea to go up and say hello! While it’s usually quite fun and rewarding in the moment, interactions under the influence are a lot different from sober interactions. The dilemma arises when you must attend class next week. Does a fun drunk conversation mean you are friends now? Or do you pretend that it never happened? 

There isn’t a concrete answer, but the best thing you can do is own it! Walk into class the next week with a “yes I was drunk but I looked sexy and I had fun” mindset. If you want to talk to the person you drunkenly approached, do it! If you don’t find them as exciting sober, then let it go.

The issue with confidence under the influence of alcohol is that once you sober up, it goes away. Maybe this is why we college students like it so much. But how do we cope with the loss of that confidence? 

Instead of believing that you only get confidence from alcohol, try and channel your more confident self in your daily life. Obviously don’t pretend that you are drunk all the time, but if you can practice confidence drunk, you can do it sober too! If “drunk words are sober thoughts” then your drunk confidence can be your sober confidence too! The only thing alcohol does is take away your own mental blocks. That confidence is true on the inside, so don’t be afraid to show it! Plus, being confident sober won’t leave you with any regrets, because your decision making skills won’t be inhibited either. 

Waking up after a night out can seem like you are waking up a whole new person. The drunk version of you almost seems like someone you don’t know. This is not a unique experience, and it is important to remember that! Everyone you saw out was drunk, everyone you saw out made drunk decisions, and everyone is having a rough morning. It is up to you to take on the morning, and remember how much fun you had. There is no point in being embarrassed, you went out to have a good time… and you did! See ya next weekend!

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