It is a universal norm to hate studying. Who wants to spend hours on end doing work that seems pointless and studying material that we will likely never use in everyday life? Studying is a chore, something we must suffer through in order to get through to the other side of our week. Are there ways to make this easier? Can we make it through this painful part of our days without dreading it? The answer is yes, but it takes an active effort. 

The phrase “romanticize your life” is passed around a lot these days. But oftentimes when we see the Tik Tok inspirational videos,  “romanticizing your life” consists of romanticizing elaborate trips, nice dinners, and crazy concerts. The purpose of the phrase often gets lost. What it really means is to take something mundane and make it exciting enough to enjoy. This is how we can improve our studying experience! By focusing on romanticizing studying, it can become an enjoyable activity rather than a miserable one. Here are some tips and tricks to help you enjoy studying (or at least hate it a little less). 

1. Make Yourself Comfortable 

Having a little bit of prep time before a study session can help to put you into a healthy mindset before diving in. After a long day of classes, it isn’t beneficial to rush into the library. Take some time to reset. Putting on comfortable clothes, taking 10-15 minutes to rest, and having a quick bite to eat before hitting the books can help you to feel good going into your study session. 

2. Prepare!

Do you find yourself getting hungry while studying? Craving a piece of gum? Maybe you get extremely thirsty? Note these things, and remember what you need to feel good during your study time. Before heading to your spot, grab a drink or a pack of M&M’s you can have as a treat when you start to feel bored. It’ll benefit you later!

3. Put On Lively Music

Studying to slow, sad music is often easiest, but it’s not healthy to have depressing words repeated in your ears while you’re trying to get work done. It could even be the reason you associate studying with negative emotions! Create a study playlist that includes happy, uplifting songs rather than dark, depressing ones. This can help you to associate studying with happy emotions rather than sad ones. 

4. Find a Good Spot 

It never helps your studying experience to be in an environment that feels stuffy or overwhelming. Sometimes it’s also good to switch it up! If the library starts to feel repetitive, try studying outside. You could also make finding spots fun by making a list of coffee shops/locations to try and checking them off like a bingo card. (Look for some good shops here

5. Take Breaks! 

One of the most advertised study tactics is to take breaks, but oftentimes we just want to grind it out and be done! However, this is an unhealthy method, and it doesn’t help improve our mood whilst getting work done. Find a system that works for you: 1 hour and then a 15 minute break, 30 minutes and then a 5-10 minute break, etc. Even if your break is just a scroll through Instagram, giving your brain a moment to breathe will help you to remember material, and not stress yourself out over it. At the same time- know what works for you! Be smart about it, because you are! 🙂

6. Try to Enjoy the Content

When you’re forced to study for an exam in a class you don’t love, it can make the study session even more dreadful. However, even if the class you are studying for isn’t that interesting to you, put yourself in the shoes of someone who does love the subject, and try to stay curious about it! Learning is fun, even if the material isn’t something you feel you need to know. Being intuitive and studying with the intent to understand the material, rather than memorize it can help you walk out of your study session feeling much more confident. 

Teaching yourself to enjoy studying is no easy feat. It takes practice, and a conscious effort to find the good parts. Romanticizing the parts of studying you do like, such as peace and quiet, a fun little drink, cute notes, and comfy clothes can teach you to get excited to enter your study space. Creating an environment that you enjoy, and making an effort to love the parts you may not like (including the material) can help you grow to love studying. It is a process, but learning to love studying can make college life so much easier. Be patient with yourself, and remember that it all pays off in the end!

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