On Thursday, April 12th, we will be holding our Art and Music Student Showcase! We want to highlight all the amazing things Tulane students do in their everyday lives, in a fun, creative, and collaborative environment. Here is the first of our many student participants: Hanna Leace of Off The Porch Designs!

As we crossed the quad to meet each other, I was excited to finally meet the face behind Off the Porch Designs. Her face lit up and she greeted me with open arms. She admitted that she can be all over the place at times, but she is undoubtedly extremely passionate about anything she touches. Some of her passions include singing in her newly founded band Overlined, and designing graphics for her clothing line. She is very driven to find more opportunities for growth that align with her talents and has been very humbled by the support she has received.


While scrolling through her website, you will notice that it is strongly tee-centric. Most would agree that streetwear leans towards sweaters, caps, and most importantly, tees, as they tend to be comfortable and fun. The recognizable icons that Hanna features on her tees easily spark conversation and can be a great way to meet people organically.



Hanna’s inspiration stems from the cartoons and raunchy art found on Wynwood Street in Miami. When she started, she liked the aesthetic of objects and people melting; if you notice her tees, they feature highly recognizable icons melting and turning into zombies. The work of street-style designers like hers is influenced by the aura of artists such as Tyler the Creator. The clothing undoubtedly works seamlessly with current pop culture.


She explains that the best part of her work is running into people wearing her designs without knowing them personally. “I can’t help but to thank them,” she explained excitedly. 

This upcoming summer, she will be taking a leap of faith. Without anyone ready to dial, she is flying to the West Coast for an internship opportunity at Cent Pour Cent, where her passion for music and graphics will come together. Her internship in L.A. at Cent Pour Cent will allow her to work with an agency that collaborates with well-known artists in the music industry such as G-Eazy, Dillon Francis, Zedd and many more.


Hanna’s work will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity, as it becomes increasingly recognized with the rise of social media. It became quickly evident to me that Hanna had a supportive team of friends encouraging her to pursue her talents and willing to collaborate on creative projects.


Click here to check out more of Hanna’s designs and find her at the Art and Music Student Showcase on April 12th from 6-8pm!


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