How many of us can say that our Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube feeds are inspiring? Whether you scroll hourly, daily, or weekly, we are all subject to the influence that social media has on us — both who we follow intentionally and who appears in our feeds by chance. 

Content creator, podcast host, and former Division I athlete Victoria Garrick is an advocate of being real, through her campaign #RealPost. Not only is she a badass, she is also a relatable online presence who is not afraid to be vulnerable. Actually, she encourages it. In many of her Instagram posts, she tells her followers to cultivate their social media feeds to make them happier. What does this look like? Unfollow or mute anyone’s posts that may be self-deprecating, unrealistic portrayals of bodies, or triggering in any way. If a post is making you compare yourself to others it simply is not worth looking at. Garrick tells us to “consume social media with caution.”

After following Garrick’s advice and adjusting the content I was taking in, it got me thinking. After unfollowing those no-no accounts, I realized; why stop there? Scrolling doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing — sometimes going down the rabbit hole of an influencer’s feed can feel inspiring instead.

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Take Ava Jules for example; a podcaster, business owner, YouTuber, and influencer who can’t help but make you smile. Based in the beautiful state of Hawaii, her personality and the message she shares with her audience are full of sweetness. She creates content that makes you feel like her best friend, perfect for when you need a pick-me-up. Nothing less than a ray of sunshine, Jules shares new music and scenes of the beautiful Hawaiian beaches, bringing others along with her for her island adventures. In an older sister fashion, she invites her followers into her life, wanting everyone to grow up with her as she navigates being in her early twenties and living alone. All semester long, I have been starting my mornings with a cup of tea and one of her videos to set the mood for the day. 

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Then, of course, there is Matilda Djerf. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t obsessed. If you are not already familiar with the current Instagram and Youtube star, think fabulous vintage outfits, a fresh bouquet of flowers, and hair that would look good even after a night spent dancing at the Boot. Djerf is my go-to for fashion inspiration and affirmations. Unlike other content creators, she loves to tag where every piece she wears is from, excited to share her style so that others can match their wardrobe to hers. And, on behalf of her clothing brand Djerf Avenue, she posts affirmations that feel natural and easy to connect with. In one word, she is darling. 

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It would be wrong not to mention Lexi Hidalgo: yoga-doing, nature-loving, and podcast-making woman of the moment. Her colorful and saturated Instagram feed is full of good vibes. Fulfilling all of my boho-chic and granola girl wishes, Hidalgo has coined the catchphrase “the only moment that exists is now” and her lifestyle shows exactly that. From photos of waterfall hikes and road trips to sunsets and acai bowls, the founder of The Moments Podcast is giving vibrant energy in every way. Whether you’re looking for adventure inspiration, scrapbooking ideas, or your next best vacation outfit, Hidalgo’s feed is the one to look through. Only 20 years old, her content is a hub of bright hues and a playful, kid-like spirit that makes me want to go run around outside. 

Although there are many more creators dedicated to putting goodness onto social media, these three are my personal favorites. As successful as Djerf, Jules, and Hidalgo are, they approach their online presence with vulnerability. They remind their audiences that no one is alone and spark ideas of what to wear, what to listen to, or even what energy to approach the day with. So, the next time you feel yourself mindlessly scrolling, stop and ask yourself how that content is making you feel? If it isn’t inspiring you to treat yourself kindly and enjoy the little things, it might be time to unfollow and turn to others who can evoke positive feelings instead. 

Featured image via Hannah Levy.

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