For those of you looking for a refreshingly bold beach coverup or colorful set for summer that isn’t overdone, check out Rat and Boa!  

Rat and Boa is a contemporary fashion brand based in the United Kingdom that offers a wide range of unique and stylish clothing for women. Founded in 2015 by Valentina Muntoni and Stephanie Cara Bennet, Rat and Boa has become a popular choice for women who want to turn heads every time they walk into a room or like to make a statement with their clothing choices.

Overall, Rat and Boa has garnered a positive reputation among fashion enthusiasts. While their clothing can be on the pricier side, many customers feel the high quality and unique style of each piece are worth the investment. So be sure to check out their website if you are looking for something different and exciting to show off during the summer months! Below are some of my favorite pieces from this season’s collection:

Images via Rat and Boa US Website.

Their designs are inspired by vintage fashion and bohemian styles, emphasizing bold prints, feminine silhouettes, delicate lace detailing, and flowy fabrics. One of the standout features of Rat and Boa is their use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials in their product design. They prioritize using eco-conscious textiles such as organic cotton, bamboo, and Tencel, which are better for the environment than traditional materials. 

In addition to using sustainable materials, Rat and Boa is also committed to ethical fashion practices. They work closely with their suppliers and manufacturers to ensure everyone involved in the production process is treated fairly and ethically. This is a refreshing change in the industry that has been plagued with reports of unethical labor practices.  

Featured image collage made by Kendall Clark with images sourced from Pinterest.

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