Fur has been a prized commodity for several centuries due to its insulating abilities, longevity, and its role as a status symbol. Although fur serves practical purposes, it is the 21st century, and we now have the necessary tools to manufacture other textiles that exhibit similar qualities. Producing warm and fashionable outerwear no longer relies on our capacity to skin animals. Recent debates surrounding animal cruelty have inspired several designers, Gucci included, to make the switch from genuine fur to faux fur. Other retail companies, like Net-A-Porter, outright refuse to carry any fur garments. Lucky for us college students, faux fur is more affordable. Scroll down to view this season’s finest faux fur coats that you should add to your cart ASAP.

1. Asos Vero Moda Long Faux Fur Jacket ($127)


Formal yet fashion-forward, this coat is one fur the books.

2. Topshop Kendall Faux Fur Jacket ($150)


This is a great choice for someone who is looking for a realistic-looking coat.


3. EAVES Gold Rush Faux Fur Coat ($149)


Yellow is becoming an increasingly popular color, so what better way to wear it than in a chic coat?

4. Shopbop Moon River Faux Fur Coat ($168)


This coat will instantly dress up any outfit, day or night.

5. J.Crew Yuna Faux Fur Coat ($250)


Everyone needs a statement coat, right?

6. Honey Punch Wild Guess Natural Leopard Print Coat ($85)


Leopard and cheetah prints are back in style.

Fur coats make such a statement, and now you can make it without breaking the bank or harming animals. Cheers to that!

COVER PHOTO: Kelly Ann Gindhart


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