The coronavirus pandemic has altered many aspects of our daily lives, including the types of social interactions we have with one another. Ever since last March, we have been challenged to meet new people and interact with our friends in creative ways; dating being a whole other challenge in itself. One solution to the skewed covid dating scene for some people is dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble. 

Dating apps have always been a popular platform, especially within the last decade with the rise of social media. However, with the pandemic, dating apps have become an even more normalized part of dating culture, especially at Tulane. This change is due to the fact that meeting cuties at the Boot, at a party, or in a large lecture is not always feasible. Dating apps offer an array of features, such as a distance range, age range. Some apps, such as Bumble, even filters for specific categories such as religion and political views. 

A feature that makes it easier to meet Tulane people on Tinder is “Tinder University”, which ultimately shows you more students from your university. This is great especially if you only feel comfortable with somebody within the Tulane testing bubble. Meanwhile, Bumble has a feature where it asks its users to display on their profiles whether they are comfortable with dates that are either distanced, distanced with masks, or virtual. Whatever it may be, dating apps can be used by people with varying comfort levels.

What happens when you feel a connection with somebody you met through a dating app? Now what? There’s a variety of ways to approach this, depending on what you may feel comfortable with. Some people prefer to FaceTime or text a bit before meeting up with anybody while others may only feel comfortable with virtual dates. In general, if you are meeting up with somebody from a dating app, it is probably a good idea to talk to them outside of the app a bit beforehand, whether it’s through Snapchat or through any sort of video call just to confirm they are who they say they are. 

Overall, dating apps are a good way to meet new people and potential partners within Tulane or nearby with precautions in mind ! Stay safe, mask up, roll wave, and happy swiping!

Cover photo graphic: Carolyn Ellis